Hive Girl, Girl Scout Cookies & Good People

I've been MIA for several days - which is unfortunate since I have news about Photobucket to share with you. That will have to wait for now, since I'm still caring for Hive Girl, formerly known as the Princess.

Her hives were so bad they were in her esophagus - so on top of being extremely itchy, she was throwing up like crazy. Poor, pitiful thing! Although she's seen some great doctors about this, I think we're going to go in a different direction. The dermatologist thinks the outbreak is due to an allergy. She was tested for allergies when she was little, after she choked on a peanut. The peanut got lodged in her main bronchus, which was removed endoscopically at the hospital. Her PCP thought the incident may cause a nut allergy, so we had her tested. Good thing the tests were negative - can you imagine her being surrounded by all these "nuts" (brothers, uncle, etc) if she were allergic?!?

I'm going to make an appointment with an allergist. Maybe they can figure out what's causing this. It's getting scary - the girl who has a sensitive immune system and serious asthma - is now having trouble breathing when she has these "attacks". Her upper lip and fingertips turned cyanotic (blue from lack of oxygen) for several long minutes during this attack.

On an interesting and happy note, one of her friends from school adopted a little Haitian girl. They've been in the adoption process for awhile - and everything was sped up due to the catastrophic earthquake.

It's also Girl Scout Cookie Time. Since Hive Girl has been so sick, she hasn't been able to sell cookies like she wanted to. If you live in an area where you can't get cookies - and want some - please let me know. I will pay shipping on all cookies, so you just pay the box price of $3.25. Please email me for information.

Enjoy your week!!


5 Royal Responses:

Pixie said...

good heavens, that is quite an outbreak of hives. Poor girl, I hope she is feeling better soon!

Lin said...

OMG! That is REALLY bad! Uh, yeah, I would try to get that figured out pretty fast.

I hate GS cookies. Well, not the cookies themselves, but the organization. Here they sell the Boxes for $4 each and the troop makes a measly .35 CENTS on each one!!!! I was cookie mom--I had the scoop. What a rip! I'd rather give the kid the $4 to give to her troop.

Ann said...

Oh the poor little princess. Hope she's feeling better soon.

Petula said...

Oh my goodness, I hope a cause and a fix is found really soon. Poor little girl! How terrible for her and for you. Take care!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I do hope she gets better, that is a bad case.

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