Lunaria Annua

Aren't those beautiful? They are the dried leaves of Lunaria annua, otherwise known as the money plant, honesty plant, silver dollar plant, moonwort...and several other names.

It has beautiful purple flowers, which bloom in the spring. It's a biennial and even has some edible leaves. Once dried, the leaves are used in floral arrangements - they are one of the few dried pieces that won't fade over time or in sunlight.

You can see the pods in the leaves

I remember seeing a lot of these when I was a kid - but I haven't seen them for a long time. The leaves, once the outer covering is rubbed off, resemble silver dollars - which is why some refer to this plant as the "money plant". Not all leaves are silver - some look more like the rice paper used in Japanese shades, while others have brown striations that remind me of potato slices.

I've been searching everywhere for these leaves. My search would have been a total waste of time, had I not had the extreme pleasure of finding a beautiful new blog full of fun fiber art, Simple Pleasures, Holy Treasures, by Sande LaFaut. There is one post in particular, Honesty (Money Plant), that is just gorgeous (above). While looking at Sande's beautiful art quilt, be sure to take a further look around her site. She's a very talented woman with some really stunning eye candy!

Although I hate to cook, I've been working on a new recipe for paper bowls. I've been looking everywhere for a few of these leaves, but have been completely unsuccessful at finding them. I have located one place that sells a bundle of 50 branches - but that is way too many for my purposes...and besides, they're kind of expensive. I don't need 50 branches of leaves - and don't want to pay $35.

Knowing the resourcefulness and just plain awesomity* of my readers, I decided to put out the call to you guys. Have you seen these? Do you know where I can purchase a few leaves? If my recipe actually works, I'll want to get more...but I only want to play with a few to start.

If you know where I can obtain 10-20 silver dollar leaves, please let me know by leaving a comment - or you can email me. I'm not quite sure where else to look...and I'm just not patient enough to plant them this spring - then wait two years before I can get my hands on some.

* Yes, "awesomity" is a word I made up...but don't you think it fits?


15 Royal Responses:

Petula said...

Those are beautiful. I'm not sure I've ever heard of them before. Good luck.

Pixie said...

we have loads of those in our garden...we pull them up or else they take over! email me: scwk0511(at)yahoo(dot)com


Ann said...

Well it looks like Pixie solved your problem there. I was going to say that years ago my Aunt used to have these in her garden. I wish I would have gotten some from her way back when.

Sande said...

Well, golly! Thanks for the compliments and link to my site. I love money plants and have some growing, but the seeds are totally shot for this year. If you get some and try your paper bowls I hope you post some pictures of process and product. It sounds very interesting. Nice to meet you!

JD at I Do Things said...

I've never heard of those flowers -- and they are even more beautiful dried than . . . alive.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You are gonna hate me...I love these, too, and the neighbors across the street who moved out had them growing on the side of the house. Well, the girl that moved out told me to rip some up a while ago, but it was just one of those things that you always want to do but never get around to doing! I forgot and on her moving day, I mentioned to her that I forgot to rip some out to transplant in my garden. Of course, she said to go ahead after she left as the house hadn't been sold yet anyway. Well, I never did get a chance to rip them out before a realtor bought it to flip. to make a long story short, the dang idiot mowed over it, plunked dirt and planted a few scraggly plants on top of it (to get the curbside appeal, maybe? didn't work!).

anyway, here's to a great 2010! Hope you and your kids see much happiness and health this year!


vickie said...

I know this plant! But sorry to say, it was loooong ago that I grew it. I had a row down the side of my house (previous home). All I still have is a vase of them, dried. Hope you find some ;)

Kate said...

These are beautiful! I was in an antiques shop last summer and the owner had a bunch of them in a vase by the door. They were gorgeous! When I commented on how much I liked them, the owner told me to take them as he had them all over his yard.

At the end of our visit, I had to give them to my sister as we ran out of room in the car (three adults, a teenager, two dogs, and all the luggage took precedence). I'm hoping to find another bunch to put in my house!

Katie said...

I hope you were able to find what you needed. Where was this place that you could get 50 branches for $35.00? I am looking to purchase these for centerpieces at my wedding. Thanks!

One Creative Queen said...

Hi Katie - I wish I could remember where I found those. Etsy maybe? Of course, now I can't find them again. Isn't that always the case?!

I have never been able to get my hands on any...but if I come across some in the near future - and you want to go in on them with me, that would be great. I only want a few leaves - but it's been impossible to find any! Apparently, everyone in the "gardening industry" considers them junk and problematic. :(

If you find some - and want to sell some leaves after your wedding, please let me know. I'd still love to get some! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding - I think these will be a beautiful addition to tables. I'd love to see pictures after, if you post some. (Let me know where to go - your profile doesn't go anywhere.) xx

Diana said...

Not to be a nitpicker, but you want the dried seed pods, not leaves. After the flower blooms, the blooms turn into those lovely silvery pods. They're biennials, so if you plant them this year you won't get flowers and pods until next year. They are easy to grow. I live in Colorado, too, and used to have them. Wish I had some to send you.

One Creative Queen said...

Hi Diana - I don't think you're a nitpicker at all! Thank you for clarifying what I'm looking for. I still have not secured any and have just about given up on my search. I have gotten some capiz shells, which resemble these great pods. I still really want to get my hands on these beautiful plants, though. :)

Thank you for clarifying what I'm looking for - maybe now I'll have more luck. I really appreciate your help - stay warm! xx

Anonymous said...

Did you find your "coins" or leaves? I am trying to grow these in St. Louis, and have some from last year.

One Creative Queen said...

Hi "Anonymous" - I never did. Someone offered to send me some at one point - but they never arrived. :( Yes, I am still looking - and still reeaally want some. If you have some left and want to sell them, I will happily pay for them. You can contact me directly at the "Contact" tab at the top of the page. :)

Thanks for leaving a comment!

Nashville Boot Camp said...

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