Wanna Win a Flip? The Video Boss & Patina Soul

Yeah, so do I. I only wish I had one to give away. Ok, so I really wish I had one of my own to tell you about.

Since I don't have one - or have one to give away - here's the next best thing: I know someone who does. His name is Nate Hines and he runs an interesting blog. All you have to do to enter is click on the picture of the Flip below, and enter. What could be easier??
Win a brand new Flip Ultra HD!
By clicking on one of my links to enter, you're also giving me another chance to win. He's actually giving away two Flips (one to a random winner and one to the person who has the most referral entries)...and I would actually flip to get one. Seriously. You help me to win the second Flip by clicking on my link, and once I receive the Flip, I will post a video of me flipping. Just for your enjoyment. (And enjoyable it will be, since I haven't done a flip in at least 20-25 years!)

Once you've entered, you'll be tempted to stick around Nate's site and check things out. Nate has some great articles on his site - I learned what ThumbVu is. If you're a website owner or blogger, you should be interested in it, too. He also gives you some tips on how to "Promote on Facebook". I like that he does this in video format. 
I've been taking some classes from Andy Jenkins (The Video Boss) about why video gets more viewers, completes more sales, etc. His newest video classes focus on helping you to make your own video - and each session he does is jam-packed with information.
So there ya have it - my two PSAs for the week. You're sure to be the court jester if you don't enter to win Nate's Flip Video. What are you waiting for? Go to Nate's site and enter. Then, when you have a few uninterrupted minutes and want to absorb some fabulous information (in an entertaining way, no less!), head over to Andy's site (The Video Boss) and learn why "Video GETS MORE Money than ANYTHING". I'm usually not into stuff like that at all - but Andy makes some great points and really is entertaining. (Not to mention I think he's kinda hot, too.)

And one more quick note...have you been to Patina Soul? What a blog!! Not only is this blog gorgeous, but there is a massive giveaway going on. You have to act quick, tho - it ends tonight. I'm sorry! I just found out about it like 2 minutes ago - but it's too good not to pass on to you lovelies.

Thank you for all your well wishes about Hive Girl. She has almost morphed back into the Princess. I'm still on pins and needles - but her breathing is under much better control. The hives are obnoxious (she was diagnosed with chronic urticaria) - but not life-threatening. I'll post more about the condition in the future.

I actually have several exciting new things to tell you all about...and I will - very, very soon. Promise.


9 Royal Responses:

Unknown said...

Haha! Thanks for letting me know.
It's stupid, I should have looked better.

He bashed me too, and my autism teammembers.

Thanks for letting me know. LOL!

I really hope your daughter is doing better. Sometimes children are such a worry and even a scare. Especially when you love them.


Ann said...

Well now I feel dumb but I have no idea what a flip is. However, if it will help you out I will gladly click the link for you.
Glad to hear that your daughter is doing better.


Thanks for the heads up and yes, I clicked on a link. Hope that betters your chances =)

Unknown said...

Um, are you sure you want a video flip thingy around Ol' Saggy Britches? He might make you famous, but...

My Postcard Printing said...

your PSA's are topknotch. i do hope you get that camera you wanted and i'm also planning to get one for me too. nice review. :)

miz katie said...

I'm so happy to read she's doing better. That picture broke my heart the other day. aw! She looked so miserable.

Hey, I like your new toolbar thingy at the bottom..very cool. I will have to hook up with you on fb. I'm there far more often than Twitter. It's so much easier to chat with people in the comments than to dm, imo.

I can't say I've had good luck with the Flip cameras, but I wanna see you do that flip, so of course, I'm hoping you win!!

Unknown said...

i signed up with your link!

it's good to hear that your daughter is getting better. have you ever tried any natural remedies for that, just wondering.

have a great day...hugz!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Good God, you're jam packed with info today. And chronic urticaria makes me itch just THINKING about it. (I told you already tht I have it too, right?) I'm rotating different theories, trying to figure out what the H.E. double hockey sticks I'm allergic to. This week's theory? Gluten free foods. Next week's theory - thyroid something or other.

Large Format Posters said...

That looks real neat. I like how the USB thing is already integrated with the camera and you won't need to hassle with wires and stuff :)

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