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I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Everyone around here is mostly recovered - the Princess is back to her beastly ways & resumed fully exasperating her brothers as only she can. I am no longer contagious, goopy, scabby or flourishing with bacteria. I still have parts of the house to clean and disinfect - but since I decided to rearrange the entire house, I'm doing bits-and-pieces as I move stuff around. (Ok, I'm doing bits-and-pieces as I supervise the boys moving furniture!)

I have spent some time lately working on wrapping fibers. Very easy technique that yields neat results - grab various fibers and wrap them around a chenille stem (pipe cleaner). It's easy to change these up a bit by adding embellishments - buttons, beads, flowers, tags, berries, charms, etc. Here's a picture of a few...

And a close up...

The ostentatious squares, circles, squares, etc on the far left one are little plastic embellishments I bought cheap at WalMart awhile back - I think they were $1.99/bag. The third from left has bells randomly wrapped in; the fourth has buttons - flowers, bumble bees and a lady bug; the fifth has a few beads; the last one has berries I pulled apart and randomly wrapped onto the chenille stem. I only used little bits of fibers I had left over from another project on the last one.

Fiber wrapping is so easy that even the Princess made a few. I would post pictures but she took hers to school to give to her friends. While she and I played with wrapping fibers, I made some smaller ones to use on other projects. These were quick, easy and fun - even if they do look like fishing lures!

The charms hanging from the black one in the center are three antiqued silver circles with lots of texture and a small turquoise stone in the middle. The white one wrapped with pink fibers (above the black one) has an 8mm ab teal Swarovski crystal wrapped onto it. On either side of the crystal are some funky bead caps. There is a lady bug button on blue fibers that I tightly wound on the round white one - and on the opposite side of the lady bug are clear 8/0 seed beads woven with green embroidery thread. The red one (below and a little to the right of the round white one) has a turquoise and silver charm hanging from the center - and the rest only have different fibers wrapped around the short pieces of chenille stems.

I have a few other little things I've done lately and will post soon. I'm just glad to be on the up-swing now. I have officially banished any sort of bacteria from the royal kingdom - I hope to never have a visit from impetigo again! I do want to thank everyone who sent well wishes, advice and kind words to me - I know some of the neatest people. Everyone who took the time out of their busy life to send me a note touched my heart - and I'm grateful for all of you!

3 Royal Responses:

This 'n That said...

I just love the fiber wrap things and the embellishments that you used on them....Now you gotta put em ON something - just like me with lots fun parts! Wrap on Royalty! Now I need to find some doo-dads to use on mine!


One Creative Queen said...

Oy - but what?! So many decisions, so little time... :)

Nona Parry said...

I, too, love the wire-wraps; they are wonderfully creative! Got to try it!

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