A Very Talented Friend

My mailbox was singing and smiling today - and it wasn't only because my friend Susan T sent me some delicious glue sticks. No - the beautiful glue sticks alone would have made my mailbox sing a sweet tune of "comeandGEEETTIIIITTT!!" - but there was something even more incredible than the glue sticks awaiting me. Something so astounding, beautiful and just plain magnificent that I can hardly stop gushing about it!

All Susan said she was sending was glue sticks - which I was beyond grateful to receive. She tricked me and included the most incredible ATC I've ever seen.

I have never had someone else's ATC in hand - only my own. I've never had the honor of owning a beautiful piece of art from someone else - especially not from someone who is talented and creative. Susan changed that all at once today!

I am totally in love with her magnanimous gift. I am so grateful that I get choked up every time I look at it. Susan definitely has class - not only is this a wonderful ATC with a very sweet message on the back, it arrived in a classy sleeve. The ATC is trimmed in black and so nicely finished - definitely professional and regal. Thank you so much Susan - I absolutely love it and your beautiful work will hold a very special place on my shelf (and in my heart). You are so sweet - thank you!!

And just for the record, I chose Susan's blog as the Eye Candy Extraordinaire in pARTs-a-la-cARTe. Do I know my stuff or what?!

1 Royal Responses:

Janie said...

Did I hear you right - the Queen has gotten only *one* other ATC from someone? This is an outrage! Email me your snail mail and I will act immediately to rectify this situation! :^) I just made another batch of ATCs.
I finally finished that big doll I was making - come take a look!

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