Happy Mother's Day!

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day - sunny, warm and no rain. I don't know what the kids are planning for today - I know there was talk of going swimming after church this morning. We'll see. My mom doesn't live too far away and the kids spent the night at her house last night. It was a Mother's Day present and I have to admit, it rocked! It's been so nice to have a quiet house.

I've been searching the Internet for inspiration to begin carving my own stamps. I've got so many stamps that I don't need any more - but my style has changed and I really want to have some stamps with more of a textural feel to them. I've received several links to different places selling what I'm looking for - but I've decided to try carving my own before buying some. I love the idea of totally creating some art - from the stamps to the paint colors. That's what I'd like to spend the day doing but I suppose the kids have a little say in the final decision.

I hope all the mom's have a wonderful day and are well pampered. Make sure you take some time to spend with your mom - and do something nice for yourself!

2 Royal Responses:

Nona Parry said...

My Queen, please do share your stamp-carving inspirations! I, too, have been carving my own stamps. I use Staedtler Mastercarve blocks, which carve easily and hold a fine line.

Urology Surgery in India said...

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