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I am going to spend the day in the creative zone and am hoping to get a lot done. Before I get started, I wanted to post this little booklet I've had for awhile. It has some good explanations/examples of acrylic paints and mediums. It was put out for Talens mediums (manufactured by Canson - who also distributes the Van Gogh line) but works as a good "across the board" guide. I decided to scan it and post it here for your review. It should give you quite a bit of insight into how different acrylics mix to form various effects. (To view larger images simply click on the above pictures - when appear then mouse over them and click on the "+" magnifying glass.)

I have never worked with this line of acrylics so I cannot provide an opinion of them. If anyone has, please post a comment as I'm interested to hear what users think of this brand. I was definitely much more impressed with this booklet than I was with their website (which you can visit by clicking on the "Canson" link above). The website does not include much information at all and could be infinitely better, in this Queen's opinion.

The pages are very small here; if you go to my flickr account (which is located here) and click on the individual images they will pop up to a size where the text is readable. These pages can also be printed for easier reading and reference.
I hope this booklet provides you with some additional knowledge. If it did, leave me a comment.

NOTE: I tried to contact Canson repeatedly for permission to post copies of this booklet. It took me forever to find any contact information - and I emailed them several times. Unfortunately, I have never received a response. If anyone affiliated with Canson sees this and would like to discuss the posting of this booklet, please contact me. I would be most appreciative! ALSO: The information contained in the booklet is the sole property of Canson, Inc. I did not conceptualize any information found in the booklet and take absolutely no responsibility for anything relating to said information. I am providing this guide as a resource for the visitors of my blog - please read all instructions (where applicable) and use common sense!

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