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Good morning! I just found out about a pretty neat site that I wanted to pass on to you.

A lady in one of the Yahoo groups I belong to (Art Group Newbies) was talking about a website service where you "sell" things for points and are then able to "buy" things on the website with the points you earn. You get 15 points just for signing up - and 10 points for each person you refer. The site is called PoshPoints and you should check it out. If you end up deciding to join, please use this link so I get referral points.

There are some neat art items are available and people list ATCs and things for sale. The seller pays shipping so it's important to consider the weight of the item(s) your selling. Thanks for passing along this fun new way to acquire free things, Linda!

2 Royal Responses:

Anonymous said...

if you like that you will love

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks for the link - I'll check it out. Getting free stuff in exchange for getting rid of junk is wonderful - thanks!

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