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I am SO totally thrilled that my Funky Art Journal arrived from my swap partner. Sherre (from Art Techniques) organized a rockin' swap based on Traci Bautista's Collage Unleashed book. Since there ended up being an odd number of people in the swap, Sherre arranged it so you sent your Journal to a different person than you received one from. I will send mine to Susan and receive one from Sara. I was working on the final minor additions to my Journal when it was thrown out during the whole "infestation" ordeal. I am still reeling from that - and am working on version two. However, Sara's journal brightened my mailbox big time and I couldn't let the royal occasion pass without showing off her beautiful creation!

It is obvious that Sara has incredible talent - the entire Journal is nothing short of stunning! Every page is gorgeous and her style is so different than mine - which makes the Journal even more special to me. The cover is astounding - carefully stitched and full of beautiful colors and brilliant metallics. She bound the book with the latch hook method - so the binding spills everywhere with gorgeous ribbon. This Journal is priceless and definitely my very favorite possession. Sara wrapped brown tissue around the book when she shipped it - and now I keep taking it out of the tissue to look at it and touch the pages - then return it carefully to the tissue. I've already pulled it out countless times just so I can stare at the magnificence of her work.

I am totally blown away by her gorgeous book and honored to have it. I don't know Sara personally - but anyone who trades or swaps with her is in for a top-notch experience. Her talent oozes from each page and the amount of work she puts in to every detail is unbelievable. I'm in love!

Sara went well above and beyond the swap requirements by including TONS of pages. The Journal is substantial and I will never bring myself to write in it or add anything else to it - to add anything would be to mar it's inherent beauty. It is utter perfection just the way it is! Since there are so many wonderful pages I couldn't include them all here - but it would be a waste not to have them available for everyone to gawk at. I included them in my Photo Bucket album - so you can see the entire book by clicking here. Below are just a few of my favorites - it was almost impossible to choose only a few!! Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the book - and soak up some of Sara's inspiration. You can't look at her Journal and not want to go create something!

Please note that this journal is the creative work of Sara Davis. Sara retains all rights to this amazing piece - I'm just the happy recipient of such an incredible Journal!! Sara deserves major props!!

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