Gone to the Birds

I had a post all written out and was getting ready to post it when Windows decided my computer needed an update right away and couldn't be bothered with giving me a little notice. All of a sudden my computer shut itself down and POOF! Post went to the great beyond.

I was woken up this morning with some bird's squawking - at 3:35! Since I've lived in the same place for almost 10 years I'm familiar with all the neighborhood locals. We have an owl and some woodpeckers who have helped to usher in the spring every year. They have become so common I suppose I don't really pay attention to their morning songs - but this new arrival is impossible to tune out. "DOOoop! DOOoop!" Very shrill and loud - and unlike any other bird I've ever heard. It went on and on - for about half-an-hour all I heard was this noisy bird. It was evidently driving the cats as crazy as it was making me - they perched on my windowsill Every time the bird would "DOOOop DOOoop" the cats would claw at the screen and hiss - totally unlike them. I'm guessing the bird has made a new home around here - I just wish he would wait til later in the day before sending out his nest warming invitations. Especially when it's so clear he was giving directions to his friends in...ooohh...BRAZIL!

About the paper molding/casting technique - my self-appreciation was short-lived since apparently I was the only person in the universe who hadn't heard of this technique! I thought I was real smart - but it now seems I only reinvented the wheel. Oh well - it's on to the next technique i guess.

I am trying to find a source for great UM rubber. I really want some new texture options - but I need to find some symbols and background images. I don't really want the hard plastic plates - but I wouldn't mind having a couple of those. What I would really like is UM rubber - size isn't important. Who knows where to get some - that's relatively inexpensive? The images don't have to be extremely detailed with tiny shapes. If you know where to get some, please let me know!

2 Royal Responses:

QueenPam said...


Has some great background/texture stamps that come unmounted.

Queen Pam

One Creative Queen said...

Your fellow Highness - Thanks for the tip! I tried to look at your blog but couldn't get it to load. :( I'll try again. I wanted to make sure I thanked you for the info tho - I'm going to look more around that site. Great images!

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