Feeling Grateful

Do you ever have those days where your heart is light and you feel a strange sense of gratitude to the world? Nothing unspeakably great has happened - just something "small" in the grand scheme of things - but it really touches your heart and makes you realize how connected you are to the universe? I just had one of those experiences.

I was going through email - which I'm still behind on - before heading to bed. I came across a comment on my blog from Nancy that made me smile. Not a slight smile, either - a big, goofy, cheesy grin. Her words totally changed my attitude and my disposition. It's so nice to feel like you had a small impact on someone - no matter how passing or minute. Being a stay-at-work mom (which is really what every woman is who does not get to leave the house 8 hours a day!) and doing your best to raise great kids who will become wonderful adults does not come with many reminders you are doing something that makes a difference. Well, at least not when you're in the trenches. It feels like I get juice, track down little people, pick up toys and clothes, do laundry, stop fights, help with homework, get juice, track down little people...well, you get the idea. Even though I am constantly reminding the childebeasts to say "please", "thank you", "yes, ma'am" and "no, sir", those reminders (and manners!) seem to get lost in kid-oblivion when they deal with me. Between the fighting, the whining, the complaining...most days I feel like I make no difference, am having no real impact on the world and am instead, spinning my scepter like a fool.

Everyday isn't like that - just almost everyday! (And believe me - after today, it DEFINITELY feels like that!)

Then something unexpected happens. Something wonderful. No - I don't mean the childebeasts surprised me by helping a little old lady cross the street (rather than mowing said lady down with their bikes!) or some other sweet gesture to give me a small glimpse that my hard work is paying off...no, no. I am so over thinking something like that will happen! However, my art seems to pay off and sustain me in surprising ways. Like Nancy's comment and link on her blog. It was sweet and wonderful and unforeseen. Unlike the normal hits-and-run I encounter (which usually are actual hits-and-run, sadly) this was a hit-and-run of the best sort.

It's funny that a small action or a kind word can impact someone on the most heartfelt level. You just never know what impact you have.

Which reminds me - if you haven't gone over and checked out Nancy's blog Paper Friendly yet, what are you waiting for?? Check it out and revel in her creative inspiration! And Nancy - thank you for lifting my spirit and letting me know that someone appreciates what I do!

1 Royal Responses:

Nancy said...

You're more than welcome! And..the 'child beasts' DO grow up (over time). Honest!!

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