...And Then She Disappeared

What is UP with life??

Things were moving right along, I was getting (somewhat) back in the swing of things, then BAM! Very big speed bump.

I'm sorry for not being around - the Princess is BACK in the hospital. We have now funded the entire dang medical system in our state. I swear we have.

She's been in the hospital since Wed. I'm tearing out my hair. Without a car, I'm stuck at the hospital with the boys...who can't get to school since we are several miles from home. I think the nursing staff thinks I have lost my mind - between the whisper-yells at the boys to "quit playing with the buttons!" and "no, you CAN'T push the IV poles down the hall to race them!", the nurses are now realizing that my children ARE possessed.

Or at the very least my children are the living, breathing examples for the boys on Malcolm in the Middle.

The Princess is back because of her asthma. It seems like asthma is lurking around the corner, just waiting for her to get sick. I don't know if it's the mile high climate or what...but it's getting worse.

My poor mom has been running like crazy to help me out - even canceling a trip so she could be here. I feel terrible that this has affected her.

I'm sick as a dog, the oldest beast has gotten this now and only time will tell who will survive. We looked ridiculous checking into the ER - the Princess and I were both patients. I was with her in the pediatric section of the ER, the "adult" doctor running back and forth between the adult side and the peds section. Leave it to us! lol

I'm on some antibiotics I've never heard of, Bec is on nebulizers every couple of hours, an inhaler and steroids. I think we shall check in to the psychiatric floor before officially leaving.

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susan said...

oh i am so sorry. you must have kept the nursing staff entertained tho!! hoping you get home soon and your daughter is fine. :o)

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