Fantastic Movie!

Since I have now officially turned this into a blog of all sorts, I have a new movie everyone MUST see. It's the best flick I've seen in a long time - and I watch a lot of movies.

It's called Fracture - with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Anthony Hopkins plays this diabolical homicide suspect, Ryan Gosling is the prosecutor. They go round and round - did Anthony Hopkins kill his wife or not? There are turns you don't see coming - and the ending is superb. You've got to check it out - I promise you will be hooked into the plot!

On another note, I'm feeling much better after sleeping for the most part of 14 hours. Before crashing out, however, I found a fantastic online support group for the issues I'm battling. If anyone is interested in learning more about Cushings - and the symptoms and things a "Cushie" goes through, I invite you to check out the information posted at With all the research I've done online, this is by far the best Cushings site I've come across yet. Cushings is so rare that most people don't know what it is - or how it affects us. I am very relieved to find others who struggle with the same issues I've been having - and now I know I'm not alone. It's exasperating to hear people say "just lose weight", "exercise and eat better", or "just shake it off!". Apparently most Cushies hear that - and diagnosis is difficult. As much as I had learned about this disease from my endocrinologist and from online research, I had never known that Cushings shortens your lifespan, that even when "treated" most are usually not free from this wicked disease, it is a very isolating disease, that depression and anxiety are all part of the Cushings game, and that even when you've had the surgery to remove the tumor(s) from the pituitary gland - many people have to have a second, or even third surgery.

I haven't completely grasped that this will affect me for the rest of my life - I can't even grasp getting the dishwasher unloaded! But at least I now know why I just can't get my studio put together and can't function normally.

If you have a few minutes, please check out the Cushings site I'm talking about. It would make a difference if even one more person is educated on this disease.

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Scrappy Cat said...

Thanks so much for leaving your comment on my blog. I couldn't figure out how else to get in touch with you than to leave a comment on your blog. You asked about my embellisher machine - I love the one I have. It is a Viking. Most of the machines are pretty similar. I do recommend a stand alone machine like this - I also have an attachment for my Bernina sewing machine, and I don't recommend that! I like the fact that mine stops with the needles up - I think the Viking is the only model that does that. You could read about different brands here:

If you want more information, feel free to email me:

csgebhart at gmail dot com

Oh - I agree with you about the movie Fracture - great movie!

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