The Fairy & the Lady

I just got a few pictures of my childebeasts today - they are from Halloween & my middle son's basketball game. (Thanks, AS!) Always up for sharing a good laugh, I'm posting a couple for you all to see. I don't know why horns don't show up on film...but these are some great blackmail pictures! Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.

First, the middle son at the first basketball game of the season...

And then we have the Halloween costumes...the boy looks a little too comfortable in my dress...

This would have been the best one (and probably the closest to reality!), but the photographer missed just a little...
His legs in those black hose - with the white shoes - just cracks me up!

Never mind that my 12 year old can fit into my shoes - and I wear canoes!

We should all take a que from him - If a 12 year old can dress up like that (including socks in the brabrassiere!) and have a great time, why do the rest of us take life so seriously?

Just as long as he confines his "lady dressing" to Halloween only!

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