Bead Showers & Kittens

I just finished picking up about 10,000 beads. Of all shapes, colors and sizes.

In a rushed attempt to find a bag to wrap a birthday present in - and not wanting Mom's help - the Princess & the Oldest collaborated with each other to get the bag themselves. In the office. Behind one of the office double doors. In a closet. Behind the shutter-type door. On the shelf. At the very tip top. In the way back. And did I mention they didn't bother to move the tower of plastic cases containing about 10,000 beads of all shapes, colors and sizes?

They experienced a true bead shower. Of about 10,000 beads. Of all shapes, colors and sizes. They reached the bag and were able to wrap the present...and left Mom - the QUEEN, remember - a gift in the process. The remains of their bead shower. All over the office floor. Into the dining room. In every open RubberMaid container within a ten foot radius. Under the dining room table. And if you recall, we still have three kittens. And two adult cats. Who love bead showers. And the resulting bead mecca left by the bead shower.

I think I got most of the beads. At least the ones the cats have not carried off to their secret hiding places. The places the cats only access in the middle of the night - so they can bat things around on the floor, attacking each other to see what could possibly be so exciting. And make more noise than the city ordinance allows. Of course, they only do this at night. This is how they are during the day.

Or this.
But as soon as the lights go out, everyone climbs into bed, and quiet sets in, the precious kitties pictured above instantly turn into something more like this.
Multiplied by three.

That is why I just finished picking up about 10,000 beads. Of all shapes, colors and sizes.

2 Royal Responses:

bailey said...

I love reading your blog...I know it will always make me smile. Thanks! And I'm sooooo sorry about the bead shower. I have as much as possible put mine each in their own little LIDDED container just because of this...only I could see ME doing it!

Penelope said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I cannot imagine how I would have reacted if that had happened to would have taken me ages to clean up! I bet you'll still find tiny beads all over your house, months from now.

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