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So I've known about this company, Vista Print, for quite some time. I was aware they supposedly did "free" products...but you know what they say. Nothing is free. In this case, that is true. Although Vista advertises t-shirts, calendars, checks, and business cards as being "free", they aren't. Totally. But the cost is so minimal, it's almost like the items are FREE!

I already received the coolest t-shirt - and I had designed it with their options. I chose this design as the base, then had "The Queen" written in large letters. Below that, in smaller letters, I had my blog address printed. I left the back plain. I was really surprised when it arrived - for the cost of shipping (less than $6.00) I got a really cute shirt I (pretty much) designed myself. How cool is that?!
And for even less than the cost of the t-shirt (around $3.50), I got the very cool - no, very royal - business cards pictured at the top of this post. I chose their art work, plopped in my details, and BOOM! Cool business cards arrive in less than a week. WOOT!

They offer many other products as well - a good portion are "free" - you just pay shipping. Not only can you personalize everything, they offer a wide variety of designs to choose from. If you don't care for their designs, you can upload your own image or art work for a small fee.

Totally customizable products at next to nothing. Does it get much better??

** NOTE: I am merely including this picture as a reference to the t-shirt. Neither one of us were prepared to have pictures taken that day...just in case you couldn't tell...bahaha**

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