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This post falls under the heading "Breaking News" - for as your good and - all-things-art - Queen is well aware, it takes a lot of work to be the Queen! I don't take my title lightly, either. I pride myself on bringing you fun content, along with splendiferous art...and what could be more splendiferous than a delish giveaway including art?!

I was alerted to this blog where Chrysti - a very talented artist and all around cool person - is giving away something for 29 days straight. SCHWING! You can check out her first post about it
here, where she explains her giving spirit and how the giveaway will work. It looks to be a fantastic giveaway - so what are you doing here still? I thought I would only find little puffs of smoke as each reader went running off to discover ART BY CHRYSTI!

And if any one of my readers wins something on Chrysti's site as a result of my posting about the cool contest she's running, please post a comment. I would love to hear about it! While you're at it, why not drop down and take part in the quick poll? Oh come on, you know you want to! Besides, it will help me bring you more of the content you love...and less of what you deem less than royal. Unless, of course, my art work fits in that second category. Then I hate to tell you, you're just stuck with it!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much! Love your fun writing style - it's a pleasure to read!

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