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There has been a group of posts going around one of the mixed media art groups I belong to lately about the need for an Artistic Alzheimer's Asylum. This would be just the place for people like me, who are just dying to buy a specific art supply - and then once securing said supply, putting it aside...and not finding aforementioned supply until months later. Precisely around the time I've completely forgotten why I bought the supply in the first place. Not able to even remotely recall the technique I just had to make when I heard of the supply. (Glad to know there are others who suffer from this affliction!)

The whole conversation reminded me of an exchange I had with two of the 'beasts while we were at the grocery store yesterday. We were quickly perusing the aisles - in a rush to get back before the missing beast was home too long alone - when I happened to notice skillets. On a sign in front of the skillets was a sign: SOOPER CARD CUSTOMERS = 50% OFF! Hu-uh? (Doing Chester Cheetah headshake.) So I say to the kids (who can both see waaay better than I can), "Wow! I've been looking for a skillet like that forEVER! How much is it??"
"$25.00 with the discount."
"You mean it's normally 50 DOLLARS??!!" (I gasped. Which was probably a little too loud.)
"Ah man, that's too bad. I really *needed* one."
"So you could cook without using a bunch of pans?" (My daughter asks innocently.)
"Ummm NO! For melting wax and keeping it warm, DER!"

They looked at each other and rolled their eyes...but I'm *sure* it was just because they were as bummed at the price as I was.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Queen, I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful message. Also wanted to invite you back for my give away, so please stop by again. I have bookmarked your's so I can keep updated and I'll be back to read more!!

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