Christmas at the Castle

Everyone at the Castle is recovering from Christmas. There is lots to share about the royal goings-on, so I will try to keep everything short. (As if that's possible for this rather large mouthed Queen!)

Christmas Eve was spent at the home of the Grand Poobahs. This year it was decided by the hostess Grand Poobah, my mother, we would all participate in a "white elephant" exchange. Everyone brings something they already own and do a re-gifting of sorts. The participants draw numbers and choose a wrapped gift from under the tree. After choosing, the person with a higher number can either choose a different wrapped gift - and take their chances - or "steal" a gift from someone who already went. Although the Queen had participated in white elephant exchanges at cookie exchanges and work parties, this was the first time I've ever heard of it being played as the way to do a family Christmas. It was a fun event nevertheless, and I ended up "stealing" two delightful tea cups and saucers from my motorcycle-riding step-dad. Somehow I don't think he minded. ;) In the end everyone left with something they never would have purchased for themselves. (For the record, my contribution was a dinner mystery game, similar to this.)
This is one of the two sets I "stole" - perfect for tea cup fairies, don't you agree?
Since the Princess is at her dad's for Christmas break - - the boys and I just "chillaxed" (the new word I learned from my oldest) on Christmas Day. They played with their new X-Box 360 while I did some work - then we spent the rest of the day on art. A fantastic way to spend Christmas Day!
I also wanted to show you the angel made for the top of our tree this year, by the Princess. Isn't she beautiful?
But the very best part of Christmas - besides the time spent creating?
The pink delight. YUM! Thanks, Mom!
And if you're looking for some really beautiful eye candy, check out these amazing dolls by Susan Snodgrass. The series done on sea shells is just mind blowing!

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