Orna-Art...or Beautiful Baubles

I actually made a little art! Ok, so it isn't new and different, but I had been wanting to try to make these since I saw Barb's cool little tutorial over at Joggles a little while back. (And btw - have you seen the new Joggles website? Fantastic job on the update! You can be magically transported to the tutorial page by clicking here. Nope, doesn't cost a cent - it's just because I like ya. Promise.)

For the most part I followed Barb's tutorial, Making Beautiful Bauble Ornaments. It should be noted there is another (similar) tutorial here. (These things were hot this year!) I purchased my Polished Pigments in a kit at softexpressions.com - not only was everything for the Brilliant Baubles included (*except the all important baubles*), but it was also cheaper than purchasing the individual components. (I was very pleased with softexpressions.com - huge variety, great prices, pretty fast shipping.)

Here's a hint for you if you're going to try making these delish Baubles: I originally chose the heart shape. If I were going to recommend this project to someone, I would suggest starting with the round plain clear ornaments available at any big box craft store. You get more ornies for less cost - especially if you use one of those studly 40% off coupons that strut around so freely this time of year. Also, the regular round ornaments have a much bigger opening in the neck - which is enormously helpful when trying to fill the bulb with powder! I also thought the heart shape was a little more challenging - trying to get the powder inside the round tops of the heart was tough - without getting the Polished Pigments all over your work surface.

It also should be noted that these directions recommend Simple Solutions #3.; while these directions recommend Simple Solutions #2. It's a tough choice when you have to rely solely on the online description...and I bought Simple Solution #2 because I felt like I would use that formulation more. Based on my experience, both #2 and #3 work equally for these oraments
- so there is no need to spaz out if you have #2 or #3 - it's all good!

Something else worthy to note: This really is a family-friendly project. I made 2 of the ornaments pictured - the one with the ribbons (top pic) and the blue/purple one (pictured on the left of the bottom pic). My boys completed the other two Baubles - not only am I surprised they turned out so well, I was shocked when the boys asked if they could make one! Both wanted to make more...an unusual reaction to say the least. My oldest did the rust/purple Bauble (on the bottom pic) - and my youngest son did the other blue/violet heart at the top of the second pic. l'll finish those off with a bit of ribbon later today.

Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them
Leave me a link in the comments if you'e made Brilliant Baubles - I would love to see how they turned out!

1 Royal Responses:

Shoe tree said...

ohh that is so so beautiful....
Awesome tutorial BOB and Awesome work queen.

Thanks for sharing.

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