Get Your Sexy On with Silhouette

Ok. You've got to hear this. Seriously. I'm trying to contain my excitement and not allow my total dorkiness show. Really, I am. I'm so insanely excited about this I feel like a little kid!
This is the most whopper of a giveaway...I can hardly believe is doing this. Giving away a QuicKutz Silhouette AND $150 in download credit proves there are people nuttier than I am! Yes, you heard me right. This is just insane. As much as I want to cut off access to their site - especially since they are already sitting at somewhere around 519 comments - I couldn't not post this for my dear and loyal subjects.

I will be wildly thrilled if one of you win this - of course, not as bonkers as I would be if I won it - and just FYI, will fully expect an open invitation to come play if you win as a result of this post.
A QuicKutz Silhouette...just saying the words causes my eyes to glaze over and take on a dreamy quality. Say it with me...Silhouette. Ahhh Doesn't it just roll off your tongue like a lackadaisical stream flows over well-worn rocks? Mmm I love it! The folks over at Simple Finds are incredibly generous for offering this...but I honestly think their kindness borders on crazy when you add on the $150 download credit they are throwing in with the Silhouette. Have they lost their minds?? Apparently...because they didn't even stop there. They are also giving the winner FIVE colors of vinyl to top off this luscious giveaway. The QuicKutz vinyl itself is worth a whopping $40!! If you're trying to add it all up, this giveaway is worth a whopping $560. Yep. That's right. Five hundred and sixty smackaroos. 7,647 pesos. 16,457 rubles. That's a lot of pesos and rubles!


Can you even
think of a better way to start 2009?

Is anyone even still here reading??

This is a whopper. Enter my
Woot Loot and then tear over to and enter this smashing giveaway.

You can thank me with flowers.

5 Royal Responses:

Christie said...

Thanks so much for posting this and spreading the word about our giveaway! Good Luck!
:) Christie@ Simple Finds

Nelly said...

Hi Katherine - I got your surprise giveaway and I posted about it on my blog. It was a wonderful bracelet. I love it! Thanks again for your generosity. Now, I'm off to the Silohuette giveaway posting.

Felicia said...

That is a super giveaway!!! Thanks for stopping by Go Graham Go today!!! And thank you for the super sweet email you sent out to folks!!

Peterson Party of 5 said...

Thanks for the post. Ohhh Laa Laa so fun!

Facts About Niagara Falls said...

This is very great....

Liked it.

Thanks for sharing.

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