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This has absolutely nothing to do with art - well, maybe I can tie it in to my blog by categorizing it as a "performing art". Yeah, that's the ticket (said John Lovitz style)! I've been looking at art sites all morning, while prepping myself to produce a whopping 120 pieces of art for a swap I'm involved in. Ay, all 120 pieces have to be the same. Production line here I come!

Anyone who looks at multiple blogs/websites knows how it goes, you follow one link to another. I ended up on Mom O Matic - which in itself is a great site and definitely worthy of your perusal. This allowed me to view the rather hysterical post, "If You Eat Carrots, You Might Be A Hore." And if you want a royal laugh, check out this post Mom O Matic made. (I feel it's necessary to state this post does contain one "adult" word. Many of her posts are adult related...just in case that bothers some.) In between some very hysterical posts, Ms O Matic discusses the world of Etsy, art and important information pertaining to that world. Explore the site - but be forewarned, you will get lost in the hysteria!

From there I wound up on - a site full of goofy (and abnormal) stuff. Right up the royal alley! I hadn't had the pleasure of scoping this site out until this morning. I was looking at the offerings and came across this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If not, have yourself checked. You may not have a pulse.

Enjoy your week!

And a special thanks to Joan for allowing me to use the picture!

2 Royal Responses:

Lotta said...

Thanks for the link love! I have to go check out your other recommendations now...

HP EliteBook 8540w said...


Thanks for sharing

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