The Most Exciting News!

I have the most enormous, gigantic, humongous, ginormous news to share with you all. This is a BIGGIE. This is massive. Bordering on unbelievable and astounding.

I can't give you details yet - but they will be coming TOMORROW.

Along with the winner of Woot Loot being announced, I have another announcement that is sure to flip your tiara. I am so excited to tell you - I can hardly stand it!

I can't. I can't stand it. I have to let you in on a little part of the secret:

This is my first sponsored giveaway. And I'm not starting small, either! This is a top-notch company...but don't take my word for it. (Even though my opinion is royal!) Listen to what other, very reputable, sources have to say:

"HGTV's DIY Show featured these as a great home decoration."

Brooke Shields owns one of their pieces.

Howard Stern thinks it's "cool".

Oprah likes these so much they were featured as one of Oprah's favorites on her "O List".

Better Homes and Gardens design editor raves about her piece from this company, blogging "this one is a jaw dropper to everyone who walks into your home", and including it as a design idea in the magazine.

The Dallas Morning News, NBC, Washington Woman, and "Moving Up" (a show on TLC), have all featured this company and their products.

David Pogue, columnist for NY Times and CNBC says his piece is "Awesome!".

Now do you see why I'm beside myself with excitement??

You will love what is coming stay tuned. This is something so awesome, you do not want to miss out!

2 Royal Responses:

Frugal Mommy said...

Yeah!!!!! Looking forward to it!

macular degeneration symptoms said...

Very exciting.....

Thanks for sharing.

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