Q...is for House?

That's right. Q is for house. The Queen's house. I suppose that makes this a castle - although it isn't really in the shape of a traditional castle. Then again, I suppose I'm not a traditional Queen.

If you remember, a few posts back I posted a picture of the house/castle after it had only been painted. (Aileen at Outside the Margins sells them - along with loads of other cool things. They arrive unfinished.) Here's a quick review of the beginning:
I originally bought two of these - this "house" shape and a rectangle. I'll introduce the rectangle when it isn't nekked.

After seeing the example Aileen has posted,
I was really stoked to order one. But when I sat down with it, I was stumped. The "rooms" are little - and even though I have no problem finding small things around the studio to include, my problem was more like what I should include. I wanted my adornments to be cohesive. After trying more than a gazillion combinations (yep, it was a gazillion on the nose - I counted), I chucked that idea and decided to just put things I like in it. Cohesive or not, this was a fabulous project to use up a lot of odds-and-ends. The best part? I got to go through my extensive collection of vintage beads and findings while searching for things to include. Sometimes, going through my collections gets my creativity flowing...and sometimes it's just a whole lotta fun!

And this is what I came up with...
You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

As you can tell, my house is not very cohesive. Or, I suppose it doesn't look very cohesive. To a normal person. Which I'm not. (Helllooo...I refer to myself as "Queen"...)

Most inclusions are vintage. (Does that make it cohesive? Or am I reaching?)

Here are a couple of close ups...
(Note: Everything is vintage unless otherwise stated)

Upper left room: Brass flower charm, brass cabachon with lots of little holes, resin oriental man carrying buckets of water.
Upper right room: Three vintage flowers I glued together to make one flower, two lemon charms in resin, and a brass hat with a propeller on it. (The propeller really spins!)
Left side between floors: Silver fairy charm. Not vintage.
Right side between floors: An angel in flowing robes - was a button. I removed the shank. Not vintage.

Lower left room: Steel butterfly with Perfect Pearls. (non-vintage) buttons, thread.
Lower right room: Glass leaf charm, (non-vintage) square mirror with (vintage) cabachon, silver woman charm, (non-vintage) plastic photo corner tipped sideways to resemble a crown, (vintage) gold rhinestones.
Da Bling Room: Loads of rhinestones glued...everywhere!, resin flower finding, polymer clay face glued to the center of the flower. Perfect Pigments dabbed on her face.

Other little tricks and techniques:
I took a copper charm that says "be true" and has a spiral, and stuck a little crown charm on it. The blue sea glass was covered in 4 coats of UTEE, then had OPALS embossing powders sprinkled onto the hot UTEE. (The first link to UTEE is a great article on using UTEE...The second link to UTEE will take you to YouTube.com, where Suze Weinberg shows more creative projects. Fun stuff!)Vintage bird I think is just adorable - I've named her Gerty the Birdie. Gerty has a vintage red rhinestone eye. She is in front of a small Peyote stitched piece I did awhile ago - and in front of that is "Create" in metal. I used 4-5 coats of UTEE on that as well.And in the final close up...the "q" (for Queen, of course!) is a glittered letter that I added Glossy Accents to. Adding that layer helps to keep the glitter on the letter. A silver crown charm I added tiny real rubies to - I had pulled those out of a very sad ring I had. The word "Inspire" is 3D card stock, and "Hope" is imprinted in copper. The yellow flower is a very cool vintage finding - and I added a small blue vintage flower to the center. The yellow flowers are a strange shape and I can't wait to use more of them. In front, sitting on the shelf or "floor", is just an organza (yellow) ribbon scrunched into a fun shape. There is also a black plastic tag that says "bliss" on the far left and a cute little lady bug button on the far right - neither are pictured in the above photo.

I know this post is long - but when I look at creations done by others, I want to know how they created different things...and now you know all the little bits-and-bobs I used on my Queen House.

Which this non-traditional Queen prefers to call her unconventional Castle.

5 Royal Responses:

Aileen said...

I love the colors you used and what you did, it's adorable!!!!

One Creative Queen said...

Aww Thank you! A comment like that from you means the world to me - I really appreciate that. Yours is SO cute I was stumped when I sat down with mine. :)

Lazy Daisy Glass said...

Hi, thank you for your kind words about my dichroic glass. It is very much appreciated. Your blog is really funky.
Kathryn, Lazy Daisy xx

Out of the Blue said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your post cracked me up...I snorted Diet Coke through my nose! Love your blog!!

Vacation destinations said...

Very colorful composition.

Thanks for sharing.

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