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I just realized this is my 98th post. Only two more and I'll be at 100 - how exciting! I feel like I should do something to celebrate...but I'm not quite sure what. I'll have to give it some thought, but I'm thinking some sort of party should occur. A good Queen never passes up a chance to pull out her finest jewels and throw down!
As your new self-appointed giveaway Queen, I wanted to give you a heads up about a fantastic giveaway going on over at I Never Grew Up. Vanessa, the woman behind has partnered with Stubby Pencil Studio to offer a giveaway of eco-friendly art supplies. Woot! Very easy to enter - just click here and you'll be directed to the post explaining the giveaway. Hurry - it all ends on February 06.
I was playing around with some Fantasy Film with my heat gun, rather than ironing it. (If the truth be known, I forgot you're supposed to use the iron. Oops!) I really like how it turned out though - I got some fantastic texture. The colors seemed to stay more vibrant with this method than with ironing. It was also super easy to embed objects between the Film - so I threw in some vintage findings. See if you find the vintage items I hid within Film.
I also used white and gold Fantasy Fibers to hold the two separate pieces together.

I don't know what I'll use it for - maybe clothing or background on my art quilt? - but it will add some really great color and texture to anything I add it to. Have you entered my giveaway yet? It's really awesome - and you have some time. You can enter here. Now, go enter the eco-art supplies giveaway Venessa is holding.

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latest laptops said...

Very nice art....

I have a become a fan of your art.

Thanks for sharing.

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