January Woot Loot Winner

I know, I'm late announcing the winner of the Woot Loot giveaway - and making my HUGE announcement. I was actually working on changing my blog around (still) - but (still) haven't figured it out. It's so frustrating! I know everyone is excited to find out the winner...so I won't kvetch. I'm going to break this up into two posts - one announcing the Woot Loot Winner - and one with the exciting announcement. So without further adieu... We couldn't locate the tiara for the draw - and I didn't want to hold things up even longer by looking for it. Unless you want me to go look now...No? Are you sure? And the winner is...

Ginny said...

follow twitter - momof2dancers

WOOT! I have emailed Ginny to let her know she's won, and she has 3 days to contact me. So if you know Ginny, send her a quick note to let her know she won! The Woot Loot prize for next month will be wonderful - so watch for that announcement around February 1. I'm going to shake up the Woot Loot rules for February - so if you have ideas, or want to see a contest conducting differently than normal, leave a comment. The more comments I receive, the better next month's prize will be!
And again, congratulations Ginny! WOOT!

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