Comments? I'm Your Go-To Girl (Part I)

I love getting comments. To anyone writing online, comments validate that someone is actually reading what you've taken the time to write. Even if the comment emphatically exclaims just how much someone thinks you suck, comments are gold.

I wouldn't know about receiving comments of that nature, of course. Not because of my writing - noo. It's simply because I have the best readers in the universe!

Comments are important, especially for blogs. Why they are important depends largely on the type of blog, but there are also universal reasons why comments are valuable. Besides boosting the authors self-esteem, upping the blog vanity, and sharing your opinion with the world, did you know that by leaving a comment:
  • You are making it more likely that other people will comment as well?
  • You are increasing the chance the others will visit your blog?
  • You are adding credibility to the blog?
  • You are expanding your own online presence?
Although these are just a few examples of what commenting can do - and should be enough to make you want to get out there and comment! - there is one other major reason to comment, especially on your favorite blogs. You - yes you, silly - YOU hold some major influence...because a blog with comments tends to rank higher in Google's Page Rank. And if you love a blog - or find a blog that adds something to your life - why not show that writer a little love?

Some bloggers like to give those who comment on their blog some lovin' in return. Yes, there is the traditional reciprocal love everyone usually thinks of - by visiting the commenter's blog and leaving a comment in return. A lot of people even think that is normal blog etiquette. Others choose to email commenters privately - either to extend the discussion, to let the commenter know comments are actually read, or to thank them for takng the time to leave a comment.

Still others choose to reply to comments left by visitors in their own comment forum. This usually isn't due to laziness - instead this method is often utilized by a blogger in the hopes that commenters will see the blogger as a real person, someone even approachable, therefore encouraging people to comment even more. Another reason is to foster an environment of community, where ongoing dialog/discussion is welcome, even encouraged. Whatever method(s) a blogger chooses to respond to comments should be given some careful thought, because there are drawbacks to every reaction.

Usually, returning a visit to the commenter's blog, looking around and finding something you can add an intelligent comment to , is usually pretty safe - and appreciated. Keep in mind that some people feel it's an invasion to be emailed about a comment they left, others don't like to be bothered with an email responding to ever comment they leave. (Especially if that person leaves a lot of comments on many blogs.)
The problem for the blogger responding to comments with a comment on their own blog can sometimes be the reader's interpretation that the blogger doesn't respond - and is therefore rude. (Which you don't want!)

For a visitor to remember which blogs s/he commented on - especially while "blog hopping" - can be problematic. This is something I'm notorious for. As much as I hate to admit it, if I'm on a blog I don't often visit, I don't remember where I've left comments. That doesn't speak to the lameness of the blogger...not a bit. It screams to my own lameness - and lack of memory.

Stick around for part II of this article: Do You DoFollow?

4 Royal Responses:

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One Creative Queen said...

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