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While trying to return the favor of those who have dropped on me recently, I just came upon the best post regarding "all things Internet" I think I've ever seen. The article, The Ultimate Bookmark (for Online Entrepreneurs), was written by Jason over at BizBoink. Here is the purpose of the list - straight from the list author's fingers:
Learning to conquer the web can actually be quite easy, as long as you have the tools and resources you need to do it. Many aspiring internet marketers have no clue where to begin - they subscribe to more than enough feeds, buy overpriced books, and spend more time on forums than they do on their actual business.
If you are trying to establish an online presence, build your brand, get your name/brand out there - and into the hands of potential customers...If you are typing like mad, trying to figure out the best places to advertise, wondering which ad brings the biggest response, or just trying to figure out how to stop spending so much time on promotion/networking/looking around for the "new" and "hot" topics in your niche...this list is for you.

I cannot think of one topic Jason left out, or didn't cover thoroughly. Since I have been doing mass research on launching a new website (store), and spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to build my brand and come up with a unique "look" that people recognize...not to mention tearing out my hair in an attempt to build a solid following - I honestly thought I knew of all the "most important" or "top" sites that would help me accomplish those things.


I can't wait to explore some of the sites on Jason's list - and I'm super excited to see how utilizing those sites impacts my (upcoming) business.

Oh - you don't know about my new venture, The Crafty Queen? Well, I don't know that I would rush over and check out the poorly designed site right now (especially since it doesn't have any product up yet!), but you can bet I will announce the latest skinny here first. When there is skinny to announce. Which there isn't. At least for right now there isn't. But that is fixing to change. I will let my faithful subjects know about the exciting launch before I announce anything to the public. Der - I know enough to know you guys mean the I will notify you of the soon-to-be raging success of The Crafty Crown.

And I'm hoping the article over at BizBoink helps to blow my launch out of the kingdom. Or at least off the charts.

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Jason said...

Thanks a lot for the mention! I'm going to be adding a lot to the list over the next few weeks. Glad you found it useful :-)

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