Childebeast Art Continues

This is a small book created by Wix, the just-finished-7th-grade-going-into-8th-grade middle 'beast. The front is collaged with torn paper and aluminum foil. It's a fun composition of bold colors. The bright colors give the reader a glimpse of what's inside...which, to me, is the coolest part.

You open the cover and find this...

The red, blue and green pages each reveal a different portion of the poem. It's impressive, because, well, read on...

I was...
I am...
I will be...

I was surrounded by bars.
I am almost free.
I will be a free American.

I was uneducated.
I am loyal.
I will be a Marine.

I was average.
I am poor.
I will be wealthy.

I was delinquent. (His words...not mine.)
I am making progress.
I will be owning the world.

I was afraid of the dark.
I am better.
I will be fearless.

I was bored in life.
I am bored in school.
I will be interested in many things.

The post tomorrow
includes an interview with the author/artist. Trust me - you so don't want to miss it!


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One Creative Queen said...

awesome poem..guess i will have to come back for the interview!! =-O

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