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Ok, I admit I didn't get Woot Loot up this month. It's been a bummer, since I've had a ton of fun giving my things away. But thanks to an inspiring blog I love to read, Rose Works Jewelry, I've gotten wind of an awesome bead giveaway over at the Silver Parrot. Just gawk at these pics:

Pics taken from Silver Parrot
Are your salivary glands working overtime yet?? They should be! I can't get over what a honkin' giveaway this is! To truly understand the scope of this giveaway, you have to read the description.
It's nothin' short of an amazing monstrosity of beads!!

There is only one slightly small must enter by midnight. Tonight! Sorry - you know I would have given my peeps a bigger head's up - but I only found out about this serious "mecca of beads giveaway" like 2 seconds ago. SO...if I can tell you guys about this rockin' giveaway, with my 2-keyboards-and-copy-and-paste-every-space self, YOU can do it, too. So get busy - this giveaway is awesomely humongous and you don't want to regret not entering!

Full details can be found here.

Good luck!


3 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

I really thought about entering but I decided that I have enough of my own beads that I'm not using so it would be wasted on me. I hope someone like you gets it that will really be able to put it to good use :*

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks for the linky-love! I'm glad you like my blog :D

Sikkim tourism said...

Very nice queen!!!!...

Thanks for sharing.

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