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I'm procrastinating.

Abstract watercolor with some very fine glitter
Oh yeah - happy Wednesday, by the way. I suppose that was kind of rude of me, being gone for so long...then thinking I could just jump right back in; no niceties or whatever. So yeah - happy Wednesday!


I haven't been slacking while not online - I've actually been pretty busy making some art. I finally sculpted/fired my silver art clay - but I'm not sure it turned out right. I'm going to take pictures and show you guys - so hopefully someone can tell me what's up with it. (I'm wondering if it may have been old.)

Tyvek samples - Before

Tyvek samples - After
(Some samples didn't make it to the photos...but I'm not entirely sure why)

Tyvek base that was painted, then heat treated. Copper screen, ribbon, vintage cabachons and beads, and green fiber screen adorn the base. Along the bottom are punched copper sheet shapes, with fibers tied through the holes in the copper sheet. Some fibers are braided, some aren't.
Here is a little more of what I've been up to. Comments, criticisms, "whatever!" are all welcome. Just be gentle - I'm in a fragile emotional spot right now. (More on that titillating subject later.) What does that mean? Well...I probably won't react to "I think this stuff sucks" as well as I usually would. If that's what you have to say, my advice is to you after you hit "enter"? Run. Fast.

And I wanted to thank you guys who have left comments lately - they've literally meant the difference between me checking in somewhere, and staying here. I love all my blog buddies - you guys are simply the best!

Heat treated plastic bag. Began as a random design - I think it turned out looking like a dress! Now to finish it...

How fun did this heat treated plastic bag turn out? I think I used 7-8 plastic bags - it's very sturdy. Painted with red acrylic paint & embellished with the Royal Ribbon Technique in gold and black. I finished it all off by drawing doodles and writing with a white paint pen. I'm going to use it as a journal cover - it's the perfect size to cover a composition book.

And finally, my latest doodle.

Have a great week! xx

6 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

Welcome back! Oh, my gosh, I LOVE everything, but that last doodle has spoken to me. It's beautiful!

One Creative Queen said...

I LOVE the doodle!! Great colors and good to see you back :)

One Creative Queen said...

Hey, Petula and I are thinking of running away if you want to join us. We're hopping a bus to a plane to wherever--all with new aliases and our belongings tied to then end of a stick like hobos. Wanna come along?

One Creative Queen said...

Awwww - thanks so much!! I've especially reading about your antics...and I appreciate that you took the time to leave me a comment. (Especially since it was nice! lol) xx

One Creative Queen said...

YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! Did you really think you had to ask?? lol

Just wait til you read Friday's post. That one is a whopper. Be prepared. xx

One Creative Queen said...

Well thank you, Miz T! That means the world coming from you!! Thank you for all the sweet comments you leave - you really boost my spirit. :) xx

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