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Thanks again to Maria, over at Conversations with Moms, for starting this. Did you know what you were in for when you came up with this idea?

This week I'm just going to give you the top frustrations of mine right no special order.

The Queen's Royal Frustrations 08.02 - 08.08

Over the last week, I have been frustrated...

~ that the ice in my drink melts within 5 seconds. I love drinking Coke with grenadine (I live on that and my Mocha Frappuccino) - and I love drinking it with lots of ice. The grenadine sinks into the ice, so when you've finished the Coke, you're left with cherry flavored ice. Well, usually. Not lately. Not here. I just get watered down cherry Coke. Blech.

~ about my computer woes. It has been excruciating to use the computer - and I've had lots of work to get done on it. The bright spot? With my frustration level at the maximum over this whole thing, I had extra time to work on art...which is always a good thing!

~ that the idiots at NBC are dumping one of the two best shows on TV. My Name is Earl has been cancelled...and the season finale was it. No warning.

Now that I've finished hyperventilating, my mind is racing with questions...will it be a few months of re-runs while TBS picks up the folks of Camden County? Or will Earl, Randy, Catalina, Joy, and Crabman go the way of Arrested Development?? (Which was another huge mistake - by the similarly idiotic people working at Fox.) And even more frustrating? The season (series???) finale wasn't even that good.

~ that the other brilliant show on TV, House, is on hiatus for the summer. Ok, so I'm not that frustrated...since I can still see Hottie Hugh in re-runs this summer. Oh, how I wish I were at the mental hospital to comfort him! (I'm so jealous of Cuddy - even if it is just acting!)

~ the childebeasts think chores are a option. And that M stands for Maid...not Mom.

~ I can't do what I want to do. Between Cushing's and my back, I'm not able to do what I want, when I want. And don't get me started on Disability...I just found out this week that the appeal process is long. Apparently, Colorado is backed up on these appeals to the degree of 17.5 MONTHS. Which should add up to a nice check. That I will promptly get to share with my attorney...whom I'm pretty sure is not disabled. (Do NOT send me hate mail about how they "earn" their money. I know that, der. I'm frustrated - not stupid.)

~ I've had my new glasses for about six weeks...and they're already broken. Unlike my last pair, the left lens keeps falling out. (My last pair refused to hold onto my right lens.)

~ that I get to wear some really beautiful compression stockings. Since the temperature is going up and summer is on the way, I'm sure these scrumptious beige, knee high beauties will be just the touch to reel in Mr Right. Who could pass these lovelies up? Keep your jealousy to yourself.

~ I can't figure out how I landed in a time warp. Something is happening to all my time - but I don't know what. I want time to work on art...but the 'beasts are constantly needing something. The Princess has spent most of the summer at her father's (sniff, sniff) - so it's just the two teenage boys home. You would think that would cut down on the amount of work to be done. NOT! (See frustration #5 above.) I've become the "hang out house" - and not by choice. There are kids here. Constantly. It's like a stream of kids that doesn't end. Where did all these friends come from?? Granted, it's fun to sit and talk with them sometimes...but it would also be nice to have my house back. So that goes on all day (while other parents are working, I guess)...and then...what happened? It's 7:30 and we haven't had dinner...nothing is even cooking for dinner...I haven't decided what we'll eat...ok, there aren't even groceries in the house to make something! I slap something together - that I can convince myself is a little nutrionally sound (Fruit Roll Ups and french fries are good, right? A fruit, starch, vegetables - potatos and the tomatoes in catsup - and fine, I'll give them some milk so they have their dairy) - and WAM! It's five-after-ten and I'm cursing myself for not getting them in bed at a decent they don't sleep til 2 the next day. Gremlins? Ghosts? The aforementioned time warp? WHO is stealing my time?? And what are they doing with it??

~ to have to hunt down my ex every month so I can beg for the child support he's supposed to pay for the Princess. It's only been 111 months...I can understand why he has a hard time remembering it's due every month. Seeing her would definitely not remind me, either.

The Princess
~ And on top of having to hunt him down, and going above and beyond the court ordered visitation/support agreement...which gives him 2 weeks a year for vacation - and I've given him most of the summer, per his request demands...when I contacted him for child support, he "notifies" me (the day it's due) that he's had to pay daycare for her while he works...and since his expenses have gone up, I can pay for daycare. I say no...if she was home, she wouldn't be in daycare. He won't listen...and takes $150 out of the support check, totally throwing off my pathetic monthly budget.
~ a neighbor, who has 2 'beasts who hang with my 'beasts - the oldest boy practically lives here, spending a lot more time here than he does at his house - moved last weekend. That isn't the frustrating part. I'm intensely frustrated that my two 'beasts were their movers (no one else showed up - a few of her guy friends said they would help - but didn't...and my boys are majorly buff and strong compared to her son...the only other people there were the mom's friend and her 3 small kids)...ok, so my two 'beasts were her movers - they moved her entire 3 bedroom townhouse to a third floor, 2 bedroom apartment - ALL on their own. Then - and this is the really frustrating part - she PAYS HER SON (in front of my boys)...and TELLS MY BOYS she'll take them to Elitches (Six Flags) or Water World sometime this summer. Huuuhhh??? (She doesn't do anything with her own kids, much less any other kids...which is why her son is always at my house.) ARGH!!

~ that I don't have a car!

~ that my pain meds have hit a wall and aren't working like they should. #($*#$^

~ that I keep gaining weight, thanks to my friend Cushings.

~ and my final frustration? It's my birthday on the 9th - and the 'beasts are known for forgetting it. Understandable, they're kids. (Well, my 16 year old should remember, but...) But no one even recognizes it...which just makes me...very sad. It's like a repeat of Mother's Day all over again. Which totally sucks, since single moms deserve recognition on Mother's Day. Ugh. Don't get me started. So the kids are going fishing for MY birthday - because my aunt and uncle have a Godson who has a birthday on the 4th. He's turning they are all going out to celebrate HIS birthday. Hell yeah I'm jealous. Not of the 4 year old, come on. I'm not that pathetic. (I think.) He should have his birthday celebrated - with balloons, friends, tons of presents, cake, and whatever. And maybe a clown. Yeah. A clown. All kids like clowns, right? They never find them scary and evil, or have nightmares about them. Naaah. So yeah, I'll even help out the celebration by sending a clown. (Kidding.) But what about me?? Am I invisible? Lately it feels like I am.

WOW - you gotta whopper today, eh? You got to hear all the royal complaints - without even asking.

(Since this Meme is done on Friday, is anyone else worried about what may happen in the next day to piss me off??)

And I can't even blame it on PMS. I just believe if people shouldn't be obnoxious. To me. lol

Ok, that's more than enough. Now let go of whatever is frustrating you - and go enjoy your weekend!


5 Royal Responses:

One Creative Queen said...

That's terrible. Your ex needs to learn a little more about responsibilities.

M for Maid, that was funny. I didn't mean to laugh at that part but it was funny.

My birthday is next week and I have a feeling it will be forgotten too. Men are usually not very good with dates unless they are reminded. If I were you , I would just remind your boys and tell them how you would like to celebrate it. This way you avoid the stress of them forgetting your birthday.

One Creative Queen said...


After I read the bad news about My Name Is Earl (tho I don't watch it) and then saw the photo of my beloved Dr. House, I thought . . . NOooooo! Phew. Hiatus I can take. Please don't ever cancel that show!

One Creative Queen said...

I think the compression stockings will still attract a few gentlemen callers! They may be of an elderly sort, but nonetheless.... ;)

Maybe My Name is Earl will be picked up by another network???

Your ex needs his a$* kicked and that lady that didn't pay your sons for all their hard work needs a good swift kick in hers.

You're entitled to frustration this week!

One Creative Queen said...

Your neighbor is an idiot.

Happy Birthday!!!! My husband and my family always forget mine too. It was the end of July. I was 50.

I am disabled too. Took me three years to finally get approved. The lawyer is worth every penny.

Sorry about your pain meds. Have you tried a fentynal patch? The 24hr delivery system is very helpful...

future technology said...

Hmmm.... That is sad!!!! ......

But one way relieving your frustration is by sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

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