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I have so much to share with you all - but it seems like the more I have going on, the less time I have to flap my gums. I am going to try to be a posting fool this week - so stay tuned!

There are so many things I use labels and stickers for. From branding my business to getting the word out about my blog...sealing envelopes to making my contact information really "stick" with people (oh come on, it wasn't that bad...was it?), and labeling various things for the family to marking prices and other information on my items at craft fairs and swaps, I can always think of a reason I need stickers. If you haven't ever checked out the sticker printing done by UPrinting.com, you're really missing out. The range of shapes and sizes is enormous - and thinking about all the things I could have printed on them just makes me giddy. Then again, I can think of  dozens of uses for all the products put out by UPrinting.com - just like I'm sure you can. Don't take my word for it - if you head over to UPrinting, you can see their insane variety of products and get more details. They make it really easy to to find just what you're looking for - so the problem isn't if you'll find something...it's more like how to buy everything you want - and still pay your mortgage. Good thing their prices are extremely reasonable!

Some of the ways I use stickers/labels - besides those I mentioned above?

Labeling lunches
Providing a way for people to keep track of any change in our information
Sealing envelopes
Return address labels
CDs/Video games
"Tickets" for the childebeasts
Labeling shelves, boxes, drawers, etc
To/From on gifts

Company contact information
Sealing envelopes
Ingredient/content list for art
To make gift certificates "official"
Stuck on gift cards
Expiration dates of perishable supplies
Labeling shelves, boxes, drawers, etc
Labeling the things I take to classes/gatherings, etc
Media used and a message on the back of canvasses

I know you have a million uses for UPrinting.com stickers/labels of your own - and wish I would hurry up and just tell you how you can score 250 stickers/labels for yourself. Ok...pay attention! It's super easy to enter - but the instructions have to be followed or your entry doesn't count...and we don't want that!


To Enter:
~ One Entry: Leave a comment telling me what you would use 250 fantabulous stickers for. If your email address is not easily found on your blog - or you are blogless - please leave it in your comment. If I can't email you, you can't win. THIS MUST BE DONE FIRST - OR NO ADDITIONAL ENTRIES COUNT!
~ One Entry: Tweet about this contest (with a link to this post: http://bit.ly/3jCCxU) and leave a link to the Tweet in your comment.
Example (you may use this if you'd like):
The Queen Speaks is holding a great giveaway UPrinting.com sticker/label - enter here: http://bit.ly/3jCCxU
~ One entry: Post a link to this post (short link to use: http://bit.ly/3jCCxU) and a link to UPrinting.com on Facebook. Please leave your Facebook name in your comment.
~ One Entry: Leave a comment with one thing you've learned about UPrinting.com, and include a link to the page where the information is.
~ Three Entries: Blog about this giveaway. Be creative! In order to get three entries, you must include a link to this post on The Queen Speaks and UPrinting.com.

And the details/fine print:
Entry deadline is 11:59 MDT on October 26, 2009...Winner announced and emailed on October 27,2009.
Winner will be chosen via random draw done by the Princess. Winner has 24 hours to contact me once I have sent the congratulatory email. If there is no response after 24 hours, the Princess will choose an alternate winner. GOOD LUCK!

As a part of this giveaway, UPrinting.com is generously awarding me 250 stickers as well. And all I had to do was host this contest. Thanks, UPrinting.com!

3 Royal Responses:

Duni said...

is this open to people outside the US too?
If so, I'm in.
I could use those labels for my templates, which definitely need organizing.

have a great day!

Theresa said...

I've looked at Uprinting's site and they have some great stuff. I guess I'd just have to use them for Theresa's Treasures promotion!

Ann said...

Not really sure what I would use them for, I'll have to think about it and get back...lol

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