To the Male Species...

...a general note to teenagers and men: there are other people in the world, you can vacuum just as well as I can, dirty socks in the middle of the floor are not "home decor", there is no magic cleaning/cooking fairy, and you'd be smart to just accept "I have a headache" to mean "ask me to do one more thing or touch me and you're taking your life into your own hands". Then again, when said at the right moment - and in just the right tone - it can also mean "you screwed up big time - and I'm not going to tell you what you did. You figure it out - quickly - and then go out of your way to apologize/fix it - for as long as it takes for my "headache" to go away."

Just doing my part to educate the male population of the world...after spending the last few days with my boys, this apparently needs to be said.

That is all.

12 Royal Responses:

PJ said...

there is a chromosome missing in the male species that doesn't allow them to understand. really isn't their fault, they were born that way...hehehe

have a great day!

Split Rock Ranch said...

PJ has a point! But, I'm sure if we asked around we could come up with a LOT more good advice for the male species. ;o) Such as, when we say "FINE", everything is NOT "fine", but its up to the male to figure out what is NOT "fine".

Jen said...

I lost my comment! I was going to say the thing about "Fine" too.

Don't feel bad my house smells like a dirty gym sock, a really big dirty gym sock. It might be because there are 498 dirty socks on the floor of my son's room, but I'm not sure.

Ann said...

I would like to expand on PJ's theory about the cromosone thing. My explanation of men has always been that the fault lies in the Y cromosone. They screw something up and all we can do is shake our heads and say WHY?

Aside from that, what you said, I couldn't have put it better myself.

FishHawk said...

Yeah, like we actually read "stuff" like that.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Fish Hawk: Have I mentioned just how much I love you, lately? I know YOU would NEVER be a party to something like that.

@ PJ: You're right on! I've often said that men can't help it - they are missing a part of the second X chromosome, the one where all the common sense, ability to remember dates & events, etc lies. I have yet to be proven wrong. lol

@ Split Rock Ranch: As always, Brenda - you are right on!

@ Jen: All I can say is, thank GAWD you cannot smell things over the 'Net. I picked up a pair of my middle son's socks, ya know, so I could WASH them...and they were actually crusty. CRUSTY. As in, did not change shape when I picked them up. Can you say GAG??

@ Ann: I continue to be astouned by the things we have in common. Our theory on the whole "Y" chromosome is just another example! xx

Grampy said...

Hi Katherine. There is a bit of a language problem between the male and female.Men are a little more blunt.We can not figure out anything that is on your mind.And we like to say stupid things at times.Reasons unknown.But as far as being a slob.If you have one of those it is time to slap him.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Grampy: THANK YOU for my laugh for the day! I agree with you about the communication difference...but unfortunately, no matter what I try, I'm raising two slobs. And it drives me absolutely nuts.

Small Town Mommy said...

For some reason, everyone in my house believes there is a magic fairy who comes by to pick up dirty socks. They just remove them wherever they are sitting (including the kitchen). If you find a solution, share it please.

FishHawk said...

Well, I've got to keep up appearances or they'll yank my manly man credentials.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Small Town Mommy: You sound like have issues with that...wait. Are you saying the kitchen is NOT the place to remove dirty socks? I'm not real sure since I've lived with that for so long, I'm not real sure what is acceptable in the world - and what isn't. ;)

@ FishHawk: And you do a great job...there is no chance anyone will yank those from you. If they try, send 'em my way...I'll fix 'em. An over-tired, patience-challenged, off-her-rocker, exhausted (did I mention that one yet??) single mom of three wild childebeasts...I can set anyone straight. lol

Lewes Delaware said...

Hahaha!!!!..... Nice post queen.....

Thanks for sharing.

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