Wix's Halloween Gift

In a surprising (semi) continuation of yesterday's post, look what I found last night...
Although this man and woman look innocent enough...
They definitely have a little crazy running through them...

I have no idea who this is...but what a great face to demonstrate "crazy"!
Why would I say that about such seemingly normal people?

I was gathering laundry yesterday and came upon something that took me aback. I wasn't expecting it at all. I had to wait for Wix to come home so I could ask him about it - and it turns out, those seemingly normal people gave it to him in his Halloween bag.

What, exactly, did I come across?

9 Royal Responses:

Ann said...

OMG, ROFL I'm speechless

Split Rock Ranch said...

Hmm, apparently its true what they say - its the quiet ones you have to watch!

One Creative Queen said...

I know, right??

Well, thank goodness he has some help with his "antics"...like he needs it.

BTW - This uncle is also the person who taught my kids how to spit spitballs, give nougies, peanuts, etc.

And, Uncle Ed, if you're reading this...THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Lin said...

Welllll, okayyyy then. That is scary. Truly scary.

drknlvly6781 said...

Tell your aunt and uncle next time they go halloween candy shopping, do it at regular places like Target and Wal-Mart, not the Hustler shop lol.

BTW, isn't that the chick that plays the cheerleading coach on Glee, just with black hair?

One Creative Queen said...

@ Lin: Maybe I should send them to your place? Aw, come on!

@ Kenya: ROFL I'm going to tell her you said that - it's hilarious! (A friend of mine and I always call her "Gladys Kravitz" - the nosy neighbor from Bewitched. lol)

PJ said...

lol, that is too funny! have a great day!

FishHawk said...

Please forgive me for this being way off topic, but I just noticed that you are in Denver. So, I was wondering if you have ever been to the Grizzly Rose? It is just off of I-25 north of I-70, and I fell absolutely in love with the place while I was still truckin' here, there, and all parts in-between.

One Creative Queen said...

@ FishHawk: I have been to the Grizzly Rose - many times! It's been quite awhile, because it was a lot easier to go when I only had 2 kids (and I was younger lol) - but we used to go there often. I've seen several good concerts there, taken my oldest when he was little (Sunday used to be "Family Day" - you could bring the kids, have a meal, let them play with all the other kids, and dance with them), and probably two-stepped miles around their dance floor. It's funny you ask - that's where I met my ex. A long history. :)

There isn't anything wrong with being off topic - I seem to live my life off topic! :) xx

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