Need a Better Bed? A Select Comfort Sleep Number P5, Perhaps?

Select Comfort Sleep Number P5 Bed

I need a new bed - so bad. My mattress is horrible and definitely not fit for royalty. Then again, it isn't really fit for a dog, either. Which may explain why the palace's kitties have taken to sleeping on the floor, instead of the bed. I just wish they wouldn't sleep right where my feet hit the floor when I get out of bed.

There are two crazy blogs offering up the most outrageous giveaway...a Sleep Number P5 bed. The approximate retail value? $2,049.47 - which includes the bed and UPS shipping. If you don't need the bed, enter the contest anyway. You can always give it to your favorite Queen, if you want to. Just about everyone on the Internet has already entered the hurry! Forget the shoes...Queenie needs a new bed! (Eck - just saying the word "Queenie" makes me feel...wrong and dirty.)

The two awesome blogs are Lizzy Dear's Life and Our Ordinary Life. Definitely blogs to check out - which I've made super easy for you. See?

You can head straight to the Sleep Number P5 contest on Kristin's blog by looking here:

Or, if you'd rather check it out on Lizzy blog first, fine...check it out here:

I wish you good luck, if you choose to enter. Even though I wish you good luck doesn't mean I secretly hope I beat your butt win. I need a new bed so bad - and can only imagine how awesome my back would feel after sleeping on that bad boy. (Again, feeling wrong and dirty...ok, not so much.)


3 Royal Responses:

Ann said...

Oh I want this. What a gracious queen to share the news to the peasants of blog

Staci said...

I need a new mattress, too. Have for years, but I found a way to make it last a little longer--a memory foam topper. Just FYI, in case you don't win. A four inch topper is way cheaper than a whole new bed set.

I understand about the pets. My dogs always start out on the bed, but by the morning they're in their dog beds on the floor. Makes you wonder if I kick in my sleep or if the mattress really is that bad.

Rehoboth Beach Delaware said...

I always love the soft matress for sleeping. They are very much comfortable.

Thanks for sharing.
Prateek Panchal

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