RIP Brittany Murphy

I'm so sad. My very favorite actress, Brittany Murphy, was found dead this morning. She was a baby at just 32. Apparently, from what I've picked up on TMZ, Brittany's mom found her unconscious in the shower this morning. It's been reported that Brittany had diabetes - but no confirmation as of yet.

Brittany Murphy was married to Simon Monjack, and the home she was found in has his name on the deed. He has requested no autopsy be preformed...but why??

Brittany was a beautiful girl, starring in one of my all-time favorite movies, Just Married. She starred with Ashton Kutcher, whom she was dating at the time. She was also in 8 Mile, Clueless, Uptown Girls, Little Black Book, and a slew of other flicks. Her comedic timing was spot on - and she was physically stunning. In every interview I've ever watched of hers, she seemed genuinely nice. She seemed to be level-headed, and her feet were on the ground. Stardom didn't seem to change her much.

I just don't get it. She only turned 32 last month - that's pretty young to be found in full cardiac arrest.

I'm not one to pass judgment, and I know nothing about this Simon Monjack guy, but are you wondering the same thing I'm wondering?

He just doesn't measure up to the person I would pick for her - with his gut all hanging out, his pantleg caught behind one shoe, scruffy face...this picture was taken as he came home from the hospital, so he has every reason to not look his best - but they still seem like a strange match to me. How do you go from Ashton Kutcher to this?

Why doesn't he want an autopsy done on Brittany? Thankfully, the LA County Coroner is stepping in and performing one anyway...but that just seems odd to me. And why would her mom find her unconscious in the shower...and not him? From what I can remember about being married, my husband was much more likely to find me unconscious in the shower than my mom ever was.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few weeks - whether she actually did have diabetes - and if so, whether that contributed to her death, if she had a drug problem (which I just can't see...but who knows - I also didn't "picture" her with her husband), or if something (God forbid) more sinister happened.

I'm really sad about her passing. As if she was a personal friend of mine or something. I've seen several of her movies so many times, I know all the lines. And she was so young. I was totally stunned by the tragic story when I heard it on the 5 o'clock local news tonight. She looked so healthy and it seems so...wrong.
Good bye, Brittany. I hope you are surrounded by eternal peace and love - you will be missed.

For recent updates on this story, check out TMZ's site.

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

I too am stunned over the news. She was a fine actress. It's actually a law that autopsies have to be done unless the person had a know disease that could kill them. So, it's good that the LA county coroner's office is performing one. I agree, he certainly would not be the match I would choose for her. And, it's very strange that someone other than the person you live with finds you dead in a shower. That's a little weird to me. My heart goes out to her family, friends and fans.

Pixie said...

It has been confirmed that she had type 2 diabetes, but that she had been ill all dy. Her hubby is English and was out of town when he died, which is why her mom found her in the shower. Poor girl...32 is so young!

One Creative Queen said...

I'm so glad you gave me the latest details, Pixie! I hadn't heard all that - but I've been asleep the last couple of hours. I'm glad to know her husband wasn't behind anything - from what the media has said, he definitely had his own issues. It's still so sad. And I totally agree with everything you said, Poetic Shutterbug.

Sigh. It's just so sad. :(

FishHawk said...

In all fairness, it may very well be that he could not stand the thought of having her body cut open during an autopsy, but on the other hand, it does sound suspicious. I would want to know.

By the way, my dear Poetic Shutterbug, I make him look plumb pretty, and I believe that I would have made a perfect match for her!!! (My own wife notwithstanding, of course.)

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