Meet Mother Wackadoo

I've been on a creative streak. I started Mother Wackadoo a few weeks ago, then put her in my clay box and (accidentally) forgot about her. How rude!
After discovering her yesterday, I finished her up. It's hard to see, but pink Angelina fills the background in the top triangular hole. A triangular purple and gold cab is suspended in the lower hole. Mother Wackadoo has been textured all over her body with doodles. Her head is large because she always has a lot on her mind. The blue portion of her head is textured with large swirls, the orange part is striped, and each of her shoes have a small flower doodle, as well as tiny vintage gemstone cabochons. Another tiny vintage gemstone cabochon adorns her ring finger. We're unsure whether her socks are mismatched due to the haste in which she grabbed them (have to keep up with those kids!)...or whether the kids have her so worn out, she just doesn't care. She's also a little batty - but what mother isn't??
The 18g sterling silver wire is squiggled, demonstrating her frazzled nerves. Even though Mother Wackadoo is stressed, her face is remarkably calm. Has she withdrawn into her own world, resigned herself - and made peace with - living in constant chaos, or is this a look of catatonia?
Mother Wackadoo is made up of incongruous, disproportionate parts - but she's perfectly balanced. She is symmetrical and different at the same time; completely adaptable. Her outstretched arms indicate the handle she has on the balancing act of motherhood. At the same time, her openness - arms held out - illustrate her readiness - and her desire - to hold and comfort her children.
Her semi-gloss sheen is courtesy of Diamond Flecto Varathan Varnish. This shows her outer strength and protection. I think it's also Mother Wackadoo's attempt at presenting her best self to the world - she may be worn out, run down, stressed, and in need of a vacation - but, like mothers everywhere, she keeps all of that hidden under her shiny appearance.

She will soon be available for purchase - along with the rest of my art - on my new website. It isn't quite ready yet - but watch for information on this exciting new venture!
Have a fantastically creative week!


8 Royal Responses:

Chickenista said...

Hey I gave you an award on my blog

Lin said...

Where is her flask of special "Mom medicine" that gives her that look of calm on her face???

Duni said...

Oooh...I love the details on her dress!
I'm also working on my new website! Can't wait to see yours :)

FishHawk said...

Lin stole my original comment. So, I would like amend it to ask if that button-looking thingy is actually a pill that makes it all better in her stomach?

Speaking of such, is Princess better? My wife went to a dermatologist Friday, and he said that her spots may be vasculitis. The test results should be back early this week.

One Creative Queen said...

@ Lin & Mr Fish: lol I was going to say it's in pill form, that's why you can't see it - but I like Fish's answer better. Yep, that's what that is! lol (She is totally fine now - except that her father didn't give her her medication on Sat night - he was at a bar...and she was spending the night at his cousin's. Glad to know he was concerned. ARRGGGHH!)

@ Duni - I can't wait to see yours! I miss keeping up with you - I must do better with that. xx

@ Chickenista - Thank you so much! I'm flattered and promise to get it up ASAP!

Love to you all xx

Ann said...

Mother Wackadoo, how sweet, you named her after

New website huh? can't wait to see.

Lenox Knits said...

I love her. So colorful and descriptive. I've excited for your new venture. Can't wait to see the site you have created.

History of Africa said...

That is really awesome. I really liked mother wackadoo.

Thanks for sharing
Prateek Panchal

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