Silver Clay

I've been in love with silver clay since I first learned it existed. The price was a major factor for me - it's daunting to relax and learn when you know the material you're working with costs big bucks.

It's a funny thing, silver clay is. I have a lot to learn - and so many ideas. It doesn't go very far - you don't get a whole lot for the money. That said, the pieces turn out beautifully - even if you're clueless, like I was. I should mention, before I began, I looked over several books, read tons and tons of websites, and spoke to a handful of artists experienced in silver clay. From my research and discussions, one thing was clear: just jump in.
My very first attempt was a couple of charms, where I really got a feel for the clay and the torch. (Sorry! Didn't mean to burn you or get my little needle pick stuck on you!) I made an art doll and crown from molds I'd made for polymer clay. I don't know how my little crown prong broke - but it did. I also forgot to add holes to these so they could be used as charms. - so a new use will have to be found. Maybe broaches?

Each of those pieces is a nice, substantial weight. I was instantly impressed and smitten. And wielding the torch totally rocked!

The last two pieces are an egg and a nest. I came up with a funky make a necklace from these pieces. Two sides of the nest - which looks kind of like a bucket - will attach to a chain, while the little egg will gently balance in the middle of the nest, the top of the egg poking above the top of the nest. We'll see if it turns out as cool in reality as it is in my mind.

Still need lots of practice...but this could definitely be addictive. So many awesome possibilities!

Oh - have you checked out the new forums at Cloth Paper Scissors? Quilting Arts released their revamped site not too long ago - and now CPS has done the same. Stop by and check it out - it's a great place to meet other artists, make new friends, learn new techniques, and post some work.


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CastoCreations said...

Oh silver clay is completely addicting and the possibilities are absolutely endless. I'm always in awe of the things people can create. I don't do much in the way of super creative with it but I do use it all the time with stamps. And using a small torch is so fun! :)

Lin said...

Ooooooh, I've never heard of this stuff. Sounds VERY cool!

Jen said...

I've never heard of this either, though I have seen them now that I think about it. I love the egg and nest idea, it will be darling. Perfect for Easter or spring in general.

One Creative Queen said...

Thanks for the comments, girls!This stuff can be highly addictive - but I'm too poor for this addiction to get out of control. ;)

I love this stuff because you can make absolutely anything out of it. I can see where practice would be a huge help - but thanks to CastoCreations, I have some additional ideas now. It's hard to screw up when using a rubber stamp!

Oh Lin - if you ever want to make a fine silver piece, and want it truly personal, this is the way to go. It isn't wildly expensive - and it's probably less than you'd spend on the same amount on a piece someone else created (if not more).

Thanks, Jen - I really hope it turns out as well as I imagine. Hardly anything does, so we'll see. lol


PJ said...

oh, very cool. i love the little goddess figure, i use to have one just like it, but it got lost. :(

missing my blogging friends so stopping in to say hi and wish you a great day...hugz!

Jenn said...


Nice "Jump" into silver clay. I hope you'll post pictures of the finished nest and egg too.

Thanks also for the plug for our new community at, You might want to start a forum thread there about silver metal clay and mixed media art--you might get some great suggestions.
Jenn Mason, Editor, Cloth Paper Scissors

UPrinting said...

I've never heard of silver clay. From the looks of it though, you're well on your way to creating masterpieces! Loved the crown design. The egg and nest necklaces sounds lovely as well :)

madagascar africa said...

Very nice.... never heard of something like this before.

Thanks for sharing.

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