A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Holy moly! Sometimes you can't help it - life just swings out of control and all you can do is hang on for dear life!

I have been Internet/phone less for the last three days - and am still without a phone. It was so weird trying to figure out what to do! Everything went out right after I posted the last entry on my blog...so at least I got that posted. I didn't realize just how much I'm online and dependent on my computer - the last three days were hard!

I was pretty productive though...I started on my Funky Journal for the swap that's due April 30 and got a lot of things organized and hung on the peg board. I spent several hours punching holes in bags and then sticking little reinforcements around the holes so the bags wouldn't rip when hung on the peg board...but the first time I had to get something down I realized that method isn't going to work. All the reinforcements got hung up on the post thingy - and I couldn't get the bags on/off. ACK!

It's been really windy here the last couple of days - but I did walk to the store today. I figure it's about a mile there and a mile back - which isn't too bad. The kids missed the bus on Monday afternoon, so Evan and I walked up there to get them. It was uphill all the way - and it was hot. I was surprised that it only took us about an hour and fifteen minutes from the time we left until we walked back in the door.

Since it's late I'm off to bed. There is so much to be done tomorrow! It's supposed to snow so I'll continue working on the Funky Art Journal - and on Friday we're supposed to get quite a bit of snow. That's when Alex comes back from his fifth grade trip and I just hope they can actually get back! We'll see what happens - I'm sure he's having such a great time that a few extra days wouldn't bother him at all!

Oh - and I got my metallic silver, metallic gold and white thermal ribbons in today's mail - I haven't gotten to play with them yet but will in the next day or two. How fun!

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