Celebrating Easter


I was up early this morning - 4:45. Not entirely unusual in itself - except that I usually don't get up quite so early on the weekends. I woke up cold - my pillows and blankets on the floor, the cat having taken over most of the bed. Becca spent the night at my mom's last night, Alex quickly stating he would sleep in her place. What is it with the 'beasts that they think I can't sleep on my own? Why do they think I need one of them to crawl into bed with me?? I had piled all my art stuff on the bed - eagerly anticipating a little creative time. Since Evan went to a friend's for a few hours, I was excited at the idea of having time to play with the new technique (that I still haven't gotten to post!) and retreat into my creative realm.


I received my optical lenses in the mail yesterday and they were screaming for me to do something with at least one of them. I didn't mind Alex being in here with me - in fact, I like spending time alone with each of the kids. (It's the only time they don't fight!) I was even ok with the idea that I'd have more than my fill of tv shows like Ben 10, Drake & Josh, The Suite Life and SpongeBob. (I'll never admit to my secret passion for SpongeBob...ever.) But when he wanted me to move all my stuff - and kept poking me in the side when I wouldn't comply - I almost had to kick him out. :)

With Becca at my mom's and the boys still sleeping, I'm going to take advantage of a little free creative time. I've got more than enough housework to do to keep me busy (just ask my mother - she takes great joy in pointing that out!) but I think I'll be more effective if I "play" for a little while. [Is anyone buying my poor attempt at procrastinating?] I will hopefully have a small piece to post in a couple of hours - and then it's time to get everyone ready so we can go to Easter dinner at my mom's.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and is reminded that the day is about much more than chocolate bunnies. (Although I don't dislike the chocolate - or the Peeps. Do they make a better "food" than the marshmallow sugary goodness of Peeps? I think not. Love them or hate them, they'll have the consumer bouncing off the walls in record time. I've personally observed this with the childebeasts.) I would love to be at sunrise service but it's a bit difficult without a car. Instead, I will take some time for quiet reflection while I work on the new technique. I'll post my results a little later.

Thank you Easter Bunny...bock! bock!

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Living Out Loud said...

I am so happy that you are having
some good things arriving in your life!

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