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Happy Monday!

I was extremely busy over the weekend - between moving and organizing my studio (or trying to), I was also very busy on the web. I was looking for a neat project to do for a Fat Book swap I'm involved in for the Yahoo group, Art Techniques.

During my search, I spent quite a bit of time at Joli Paquet - which has the most fantastically fun holiday ideas. If you are looking for holiday ideas to create - crafts, recipes, gift boxes - your first stop should definitely be Joli Paquet. (Just a note: The site does have holiday music playing.)

It was at that super site where I first came across the most incredible little store I've seen in a long time. A very long time.
Little Pink Studio, owned by Cerri Campbell, is totally adorable. I don't know how else to describe it. Entering the store is like stepping into a different world. Sublimely vintage - and quite girlie - it's just the place you want to visit to indulge your artistic ways. From beautiful rubber stamps to obsecure vintage findings, this is a place you MUST visit. Now. Look at just a few of the offerings...

Click on the picture to be transported to the page carrying each item

An example of one of the kits

Just one of the wire forms
(With a terrific tutorial at Joli Paquet for Glittery Girl Ornaments by Beth Quinn)

These sweet pink posies are one of several just-as-sweet embellishments

Although I've showcased some of my favorites, Little Pink Studio has many other fabulous finds just awaiting your discovery. I would find it impossible to believe anyone could visit and not find at least several things they want. I will leave the rest of Cerri's magnificent items as a surprise for you to discover for yourself, just as I did. However, I must mention the glorious crown at the top of this post.

Of course, the crown is my favorite, hands down. I have featured one here - but there are other designs available. With the description:

"These paper crowns have been hand embellished with glitter, and have yards of seam binding for assuring a proper fit. An elegant commemorative certificate is printed on the back for inscribing your special date."

Who wouldn't yearn to be the recipient of one of these amazingly royal headresses?

Do yourself a favor and start your week off right...go discover this fun site for yourself!

A special thank you to Cerri for allowing me to use her pictures for this post! :)

1 Royal Responses:

Karen Hall said...

Thank you very much for leaving such a great comment on my (old) textile blog - glad you enjoyed your visit there.
This is the web address for my current one.

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