Happy Turkey Day!

Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all able to rest, relax, fill up on loads of turkey, and spend time with those you care about most today. This morning I took three minutes to make a list of what I'm most thankful for this year. It's amazing what a long list you can make in 180 seconds - and how many things can flow into your mind. Things that seemingly had no connection at all fluttered into my mind. I wrote quickly, only focusing on my hand scribbling down the words as fast as I could. At the end, the list was only legible to me (or someone experienced in reading hieroglyphics!), but it's a precious list. I'm going to keep mine next to my desk to serve as a daily reminder of everything I'm blessed enough to have in my life. This quick exercise brought me a rush of joy and gratitude - and I encourage you to take three minutes out of your turkey time today, and make a list of everything you have to be grateful for. You just might be surprised at the length of the list you come up with!

Since my studio is currently, umm, shall we say "under construction" (you can see the pathetic state here), I am going to start a new adventure on my blog until I'm able to get back to creating art. I hope you find it as exciting as I do!

I am going to begin reviewing books and products of interest to artists. I am interested in giving you an in-depth, honest, royal review of art-related books and products. My plan is to include photos, a review of the contents (or item), notes from the author (when appropriate), links to see further work by/contact information for the author, and a project I complete based on the book. The intention of these reviews is to inform you of "must have" books - and artifacts that will make your life easier, your art more interesting. These can include newly published books, magazines, and ebooks - or publications you may not have considered - or heard of - before. I will also include new, not-so-new, and all sorts of wonderful products you will want to know about. And last - but definitely not least - I will introduce you to incredible artists brimming with talent. You will want to keep an eye on these fantastic artists! Plus, when I can get in the studio (literally lol), I will begin showing my own artwork and sharing techniques with you once again.

You're probably asking, "What do I have to do to get all this fantastic information, Queen??" - well, the answer is simple. One, bookmark my blog - and subscribe to my feed - so you're sure not to miss any of the great upcoming events. Two, leave me a comment telling me what book or product you would like to see reviewed. In return, I promise to provide you with can't-live-without information that is in-depth and honest. I will let you know about the products you really need - and those you don't. We'll talk about the publications you must order now - which are best checked out from your local library or borrowed from a friend - and which aren't worth adding to your valuable shelf space. You and I will also take a trip to other artist's studios and creative spaces, gain unique organizational tips, and learn the tricks other artists use to break out of the dreaded "creative rut". Plus, you'll get an opportunity to see the fabulous art created in my own studio, The Queen's Castle. You will discover more than you can imagine - and all you have to do is let me know what has caught your creative eye, and what you are drooling over to learn more about. It couldn't be any easier!

So leave me a comment - and I will begin the Royal Reviews with the next post. Can't you feel the excitement?!

And if YOU have written a book - or created a product or invented a technique - you want reviewed, contact me. You can email me at queenkatherine at gmail.com.

I can't wait to jump into this fun process with all of you!

2 Royal Responses:

craftyLinda said...

Katherine, what a great idea. Sorry I can't think of anything right now that would help you out. But I am sure I will as days go on. I will write them down and then comment on here. Great site hon.

craftygurl said...

That's great that you will review books and products ... I have seen so many books and products that I would love more info on the internet [I'll get a list ready, heee]. I'm a beginner at PC but also would love to know about more about PMC. I know that it was created in Japan in the 90s and it shrinks but that's about it there's also ACS which I know nothing about except it maybe like PMC. Books I wish I could find reviews on are in Japanese which cannot be reviewed if speaking Japanese is not knownt. I been to NJ's lending library list and only found 1 book at Indigo/Chapters, that I bought. Would love to know about PC magazines, I know none... That would be great to review. I can't wait to see your posts!

Hurray! Can't wait.

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