It's No Wonder!

After spending many hours cleaning up and clearing out the so-called studio, I've come to one conclusion. It will never come together! I cannot believe how much stuff I have - and the more I move it and try to organize it, the more it seems to multiply! It's no wonder I can't get creative...could you??

(Excuse the picture quality in some of these - I'm still learning how to work my camera.)

The first staircase. (Yep...I actually have another like this.)

The aforementioned second staircase

Um, yeah...No one can sit in the studio yet!

On the left side is my bead storage, the rest is...well...A MESS!

It's blurry, but you get the idea...

Underneath the white table in the picture before this one

A pile that's semi-organized - but where do I put it??

The other side of staircase 2...another homeless pile of supplies

Believe it or not, my desk really is here

The landing at the bottom of staircase 1...

Books, books, books...Where did they come from??

That's it. I need a professional organizer. Or a wrecking ball.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, will someone please call...well, I don't know who you would call. All I know is that if I disappear, it's because I've gotten lost while trying to figure out how to "re-home" all my supplies!


1 Royal Responses:

craftygurl said...

heee.. I thought that was my home. We're in a small place and not enough space for my crafts... I'll try to call 911 or can I call for an amber alert?


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