What is Smaller than the Head of a Pin?

Normally I am not a big fan of posting videos...I figure if someone wanted to see a video, they'd be a You Tube, not on The Queen Speaks. I decided to post this video, however, because it is art-related...not to mention fascinating. Amazing. Unbelievable.
It is inspiring - someone who can't read or write can do this? I can read and write, but I don't see myself starting on something like this anytime soon. (Can't you just picture it with the childebeasts running around?? Cha!) This man will do and say things you're not likely to see or hear again. For example, it can NOT be good to have an Alice in Wonderland inside you. (His statement, something to the effect of, "I think I inhaled Alice in Wonderland" is something I guarantee you'll never hear again. Ever.)
And to the "private collector" (you won't believe how much he bought the collection for!)? I hope you invest in some serious tissues - not to mention some really great cold medicine. Sneezing would be disastrous! Just look at what happened to Alice in Wonderland - and the guy was only breathing!

Click on Charlie

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ski japan said...

Nice!!!!... Very interesting post.

Thanks for sharing.
Prateek Panchal.

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