The Studio that Wouldn't

I must be losing my mind. Ok...I admit it. It's been gone a long time now!

I am still working on my studio. Is this ever going to be a reality? It seems like every time I get more done, more work pops out of no where and demands attention. What's up with that? I swear my walls and floor boards are growing cat hair - there is no WAY this much hair comes from two cats. I've never had a long-haired cat before so maybe this is just par for the course? You'd think I own 1200 cats with the amount of kitty hairs I've found. It kind of grosses me out.

I had hung my peg board a couple of months ago and have finally gotten into finding enough supplies that I can hang them. I also hung the shelves I made for my stamps and have begun filling those. I realized a problem, tho. I made 5 shelves - 3 that hang length-wise and 2 that are width-wise. I thought for sure that would be enough to contain my rubber stamp obsession. HA! I still have 2 humongous under-the-bed containers FULL of stamps. Where did I accumulate all these? Where am I going to put them all? Does one person really need all these? I suppose the answer is yes - especially if you're the Queen. ;)

I'd get the camera and take pictures of my progress if I wasn't so tired. I'll try to get to that in the next day or two.

I've gotten my partner for the Funky Art Journal Swap - but I haven't even started on my journal yet. I'm still flipping through Collage Unleashed to see what, exactly, I want to do. It looks like a great way to get my feet wet and begin creating again. I feel like that part has been dormant for far too long!

Thank goodness spring break is over as of tomorrow and the kids will be returning to school. I'm so done with all the fighting and arguing. It will be wonderful to have quiet next week!

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