A Little Progress

As promised, I took a few pictures of my never-to-be-finished studio. Believe it or not, I've actually accomplished A LOT. Unfortunately, several of the pictures I took are stuck on my camera. They didn't transfer to the memory card - and the childebeasts lost the cable I need to connect the camera to the computer. Never fear, I still have a few very sorry pictures to show you.

Even though there's a bunch of junk in the pictures, this is the armoire that houses my ribbon collection. Yes, I have that much ribbon. On top is the mail sorter that keeps my card stock safe and away from childebeasts. My overflowing paint caddy is on the floor - it's for liquid acrylics. (I think I need 3 more and I'll have places for the paints...but I don't have room for the caddies!)

If you could only seen where I started...but thankfully I can't find those pictures. (I admit I haven't looked real hard!) But believe me - this IS an improvement. A large one. I've had the pegboard hanging for awhile now - but nothing was on it. I added a bunch of stuff (that still needs to be organized) so at least it's off the floor & I won't keep tripping on it. I also got the shelves hung that I made for my rubber stamps. The problem now? I don't think I made nearly enough - so I don't really know what to do with the rest of my stamps. Most of them are mounted, which takes up a lot of space. We'll see what happens when I get further along.

(The rod hanging in front of the shelves used to hold a photo montage I had hanging - now it will hold paper that's drying and finished artwork.)
I made the stamp shelves out of foam core board and a glue gun. Once the foam core was cut down and adhered to another piece of foam core to form the shelves, I decoupaged torn paper to a piece of poster board. Once dry, I doodled in black Sharpie and then cut the poster board into strips. I stuck the strips to the fronts of the shelves - this covered the ugly foam core board cuts and keeps the rubber stamps from accidentally falling off.

As for the pegboard, I went a little doodle crazy on one (with help from the childebeasts) and just painted the other.

I still have so much work to do - you can see the sloppiness in the pictures. I didn't take pictures of the floor on purpose. I painted 4 shelves that I still need to hang - and I think that will take care of a lot of my storage problems. I've still got a long way to go - so if anyone is free...

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