On A Roll...and Everything Else!

When your space is such a mess, it's hard to move without being on something. The title for this entry comes from being on a roll for posting so much lately...but also because when your house or studio or whatever is such a mess, you just might be on a roll - a dinner roll, that is - and who knows what else!

Ok...so my art supplies have gotten completely out of control. That's why I've been so stressed about getting my studio together. After reading about the struggles other people have with organizing their supplies, I know I'm not alone. I also know I'm not the only one embarrassed because of the mess. So I decided to do something brave. Something bold. Something outrageous.

I'm going to post a few "before" pictures. Hopefully this will lend comfort to other artists who feel like they are drowning and will never get it all together - and possibly provide some comic relief! I know that looking back at these pictures makes me realize just how much I've gotten done - a major accomplishment since I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels. Be sure to check a couple of entries back - you'll get to see the work I've done. And I'm nowhere even close to being finished!!

So those of you who are stuck in the never-ending cycle of trying to organize all your supplies, take heart. Even the Queen struggles wildly with this issue!

2 Royal Responses:

Linda Medrano said...

I love this! (And I've been there myself!) Nice work Queen!

One Creative Queen said...

Thank you! I would bow...but I'd probably hit my head on some of the mess, knocking myself out. Then the paramedics would be called and the would have to find me in this mess...so I'll just curtsy instead. Then again, with my back, it will probably go out...ugh. lol

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