How Life & Art Correlate

So I've been thinking. It's almost 1:00 and I've gotten absolutely nothing done today. Why? I've been addicted to checking out everything online. You know the days I'm talking about...where you go to look at one thing and that thing leads to something else, which links to another neat site, bringing you to a (totally unrelated) fun spot...

I suppose I'm desperately trying to keep from organizing my studio and clean the house. The oldest son is home sick for the second day in a row - and is flopped out on the couch downstairs. I'm avoiding the area like the plague - do you have any idea how much it sucks to take care of childebeasts when you're horking? Just the thought makes me shiver.

I've been giving some thought to how my life correlates to my art. I've been stuck in this space of not being able to get the studio organized (if people would stop posting cool stuff online I'd probably be a lot further!) - but I've been really trying to spend at least 15-20 min a day sorting through supplies and getting things put away. I'm so frustrated by the process - no matter how much time I spend on things, I have heaps of supplies left to go through. I swear I could open a store...but that would mean parting with my awesome supplies. This probably won't happen - unless someone wants to trade for even better supplies!

I was reading a post in a group I belong to and it finally hit me - I'm not into organizing because I'm not taking the time to create! There is so much going on in my life right now that I should be taking time to take a break and create. But I haven't done that in...waaay too long. There's the problem. Me thinks I shall ban all ex-husbands, childebeasts & extended family and just have an art fest. That may do wonders for my dwindling attitude.

A good friend of mine (Judi) has a blog with tons of her art posted. She does some really neat things with just basic materials - stuff I've definitely got in the royal stash. (But really - is there anything I don't have??) I've been drooling over her art since we met and I really want to try some of her innovative techniques. I think that's what I'll spend tonight doing...assuming the childebeasts zonk out and aren't being demanding. (Bahahaha - that's funny.)

I'd also like to make some of the things that Susan lists on her blog - it's just too bad I'm not Queen of the Kitchen. I hate to cook. Love to eat but hate to cook. It just seems like a total waste of time - whatever you spend hours creating ends up gone. I just can't get that strawberry shortcake out of my head. The recipe looks so good that I've decided I'm going to actually do it.

Hmmmm Maybe that's my problem...I need a wife! Oh wait - I think that's what the Kingdom expects out of me. Being the Queen means I don't have to follow the rules though - and a wife would certainly make my life easier.

This post has absolutely no point - I'm just not in a chatty, creative space today. Maybe I should just continue my quest to find the end of the Internet today. I think I'm well on my way.

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