A Trinket Box & Fun Trunk

It's amazing what you find when you organize. I came across some more things I made over the last few months and thought I'd post them here.

The first one I'll post is the "fun trunk" I made for my daughter, the Diva-in-Training. It took me a long time to make the trunk because the paper mache base is covered in handmade paper - in pink, of course. The "straps" are covered in purple paper pulp. I had a terrible time getting the paper pulp to stick - and looking back, I probably should have roughed-up the surface with sand paper.

There are tons of little embellishments all over the trunk. I can't list them all and unfortunately the pictures aren't accurate representations. I hope you are able to at least get an idea of what they look like. The purpose of the trunk is for Diva-in-Training to have a special place to put her "treasures". Of course, because it took me so long and was so difficult I won't let her touch it now - maybe I'll give it to her when she's a little older.

I also found a small trinket box I made. It is also a paper mache base covered in handmade ivory paper. I mixed in some gold flakes while I was making the paper pulp - but the flakes seemed to disappear into the pulp. I ended up adding individual flakes randomly around the box. This box also has those sticky beads adhered to the top, gold ribbon and bells hanging from the upper lip of the box and different colors/shapes of rhinestones adhered in a flower pattern. I carefully used the sticky beads in gold to cover the sides of the flip-top lid and to make a border around the bottom.

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